Convenient Energizer PRO battery recharger

Energizer PRO battery recharger
Rechargeables outdo traditional batteries in terms of both total cost of use and environmental impact. Recharging is inexpensive and can be done many times. Yet how many people go to the trouble of using rechargeables regularly? It’s easy not to, with traditional batteries available at every checkout counter.

Energizer has found a new way to make recharging batteries more useful. Already known for the unmatched speed of its Energizer Recharge Rapid Charger (less than 15 minutes), the company has developed its first battery recharger with audible as well as visible alerts. Greater awareness is likely to prevent harmful overcharging. The product debuts in early April.

Heather Allen of Energizer makes the basic point about recharging here:

“Take AA batteries: if a family uses 120 alkaline AAs per year (toys, remotes, flashlights… mostly toys), they could accommodate the same battery power needs with eight rechargeable AAs, while saving money. One person making the switch from 120 to eight AAs in a year would save 112 AAs, but if just 10,000 people made a similar swap that number grows to more than one million AAs saved.”

Coming this spring is the first Energizer rechargeable battery charger that provides both audio and visual cues to battery charging status. Here are the charging status indicators for the new PRO:

Red – Batteries are less than half charged; audible beep when charging begins
Yellow – Batteries are between approximately a half and full charge
Green – Batteries are fully charged; audible beep upon completion

The small, convenient Energizer PRO recharger can charge either two or four AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries simultaneously. It automatically shuts off when charging is complete and is ENERGY STAR®-certified. The suggested retail price is under $20.

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