Contentment’s Critical Place in a Green Life (+ Top Green Living Stories of the Day)

Living a green life isn’t just about going solar, bicycling or using other green transport, or eating vegetarian and local food. It’s not just about getting involved in politics and/or activism. It’s also about contentment.

Why? What do I mean?

So many of our environmental problems are caused by overconsumption, the root of which is really just a lack of contentment.
We go out buying things, thing after thing after thing, meant to “make us happy” – do they ever truly make us happy?

We are running from ourselves and trying to cover our lack of contentment with physical objects. We buy these things and then toss them out in no time at all. They have no lasting effect on our own enjoyment of life, but they do affect the ability of some to have access to even the basic necessities of life – clean air, clean water, and a livable climate.

Rather than chasing product after product, we and the world as a whole would be much better off if we could find some contentment. If we could say, “I have what I need and I’m happy with it.” Period.

Of course, I think that requires a little soul-search. Finding contentment can require a lot of effort. But it is internal effort. It does not require going out and buying anything.

If we are serious about wanting to help the world, we should search for this contentment.

And, beyond correcting our own lifestyle and product addiction, finding more contentment without things can have a great influence on those close to us or even on those we cross paths with for just a short time.

Give it some thought. Let it influence you. Let contentment become a habit of life.

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