Conservative on Global Warming

We got the following comment (a great one) on a post the other day. I thought it was good enough for a quick post so more eyes could give it a look, so here it is (after the image):

It appears that many right-wing politicians/pundits are on this bandwagon in recent times to debunk Global Warming and ridicule the movement to set it back. Being right-leaning myself, I couldn’t help but begin to believe their argument against the Global Warming crowd. However, after pondering the issue for some time, I am now a re-believer in Global Warming based upon the simple fact that we now have 7 billion human beings spewing pollution into the world ecosystem. We have doubled the world’s population in a mere 40 years and the planet has not seen anything like this, pollution-wise, in its history. Many Global Warming naysayers talk of the Earth going through cycles and controlling itself in the long-run. Well, there is no long-run left since, in the short-run, we continue to spew pollutants to a catastrophe theory tipping point. Hence, we’ve put so many people on this planet in the last 100 years of major industrialization that just on that fact alone it’s nearly impossible to doubt the validity of Global Warming.

(Well said. More on global warming graph pictured above.)

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