Colbert "Takes on" EPA

Colbert, with his tremendous skill at bringing out the ridiculousness of today’s GOP leaders, took on the EPA this week. He discussed the EPA’s “uselessness” and job-killing clean air and water with former EPA Administrator Carol Browner.

“The EPA is useless. That is an indisputable fact… We protected the air and the water. We cleaned it up. Now you’re just rubbing it in our faces by continuing to keep it clean,” Colbert said.

Is that not exactly the GOP’s stance?


“If there’s more pollution then there’s more work for the doctors who have to cure us of the diseases we get from the things we eat and drink. I can use your logic against you.”

OK, yep, that finishes the GOP’s official perspective.

And aside from the feature segment, the intro is great as well. I actually think it’s better. Check it out:

“This job-killing cemetery is murdering jobs and then burying them in itself. Jobs. Everyone knows pollution is a job creator.” Yes.

Now, the feature interview:

And you have to love Joe Romm’s little additional joke, too: “Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann were furiously taking notes and have already added the talking point to their energy plans.”

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