Colbert Chats with GOP Wordsmith/Spinmaster, Confuses Him (Video)

Frank Luntz is, no doubt, good with words (and a little more than that). He holds his fair share of responsibility for the climate crisis we’re in, too, as he has helped the Republican Party avoid action on this critical topic through word games. (Note: he doesn’t like talking about that much these days.)

The uber-funny Stephen Colbert sat down with him recently to learn a trick or two. The resulting video is hilarious (while also a bit interesting). The funny thing is, Luntz seems to not get that Colbert’s job is to be ridiculous and funny while also poking fun at crazy Republicans. Not sure how he could not get that, or if he just gets irritated somewhat easily.

Truthfully, though, beyond the fact that this video should give you a real laugh, there are some interesting tips there that we could probably all benefit from. Good news, too — it looks like Colbert is going to have Luntz back on the show. Looks like this might even be the beginning of a series.

Anyway, check out this first video here:

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