Cloning Farm Animals & Livestock to be Illegal in UK? (Cloning Fighting Bulls and Racehorses Not)


I didn’t even know there were people cloning fighting bulls and racehorses, but apparently there are. While the European Union (EU) has recently proposed a 5-year ban on farm animals and livestock, this ban would not include the “sport” animals mentioned above.

More from the League Against Cruel Sports:

The European Union has proposed a five-year ban on cloning farm animals and livestock. However the cloning of all sorts of other animals, including racehorses and fighting bulls, remains legal. The proposal was submitted by the EU’s executive commission on Tuesday and is expected to be approved in the next few months.

So why has the EU refused to take action against some forms of cloning? Sadly, it would seem that the political will simply isn’t there. Although what has been proposed is a great step forward for animal welfare, the failure to support all-encompassing legislation suggests that the EU is afraid of ‘upsetting’ influential lobby groups.

Personally, I find the failure of the EU to take a tougher stance extremely disheartening. Why don’t we just set up the lab next to the bullring to save on transport? Or maybe punters could take home their very own clone as a souvenir? The cloning of an animal for the purposes of racing or fighting is quite simply preposterous and one must question the real motives of scientists who wish to do it.

On 19th May 2010, the first cloned fighting bull was unveiled in northern Spain. The bull named Got (which means “glass”) was identical to his father, a fighting bull named Vasito who died in March. Cloning animals for the purposes of racing and fighting is undeniably wrong and we must fight to stop this happening again.

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