Solar Activity DOESN'T Cause Global Warming


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Another tremendous video by Peter Sinclair, this one picking apart the idea that solar activity is responsible for global warming.

Some of the key points of the film:

  • global warming has increased tremendously as solar activity has decreased (more on that in climate scientist Dr Michael Mann’s TED talk on climate science)
  • climate science deniers who have argued that solar activity is changing the climate have cherry picked the data to a ridiculous degree
  • cosmic rays show no indication of affecting global climate, despite a mass media frenzy that said it was (based on the misreading of a climate science paper)
  • the world is warming most at night and in the Arctic, fitting the theory that the burning of fossil fuels is what’s causing warming, and not fitting the theory that solar changes are warming the Earth
  • despite numerous corrections from climate scientists, deniers aren’t likely to stop making false claims

For more on The Great Global Warming Swindle, check out this great video by Sinclair all about that:

So, next time someone tells you the world is warming due to solar activity, point them here (and, also, to Skeptical Science’s work on solar activity changes and the climate).

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