Climate Science Rapid Response Team Launched

There is so much manipulation of climate science in the media and by special interest groups or companies opposed to transformation of our energy, transportation, and agricultural systems that the American public are completely clueless or confused about the matter and the U.S. is close to last (if not last) in accepting and addressing climate change.

In response to this critical problem, the “Climate Science Rapid Response Team” (CSRRT) has been set up to quickly comment on issues related to climate change.

Here’s more from ClimateProgress:


WHO & WHAT:   The CSRRT is a match-making service between top scientists and members of the media and office holders and their staffs from various levels of government. Our group consists of dozens of leading scientists who wish to improve communication about climate change. The group is committed to providing rapid, high-quality information to media and government officials. Our members have expertise in virtually all areas of climate science and they are available to share their current understanding in a fairly rapid time frame.

HOW IT WORKS:  Inquirers will use the form on the Website to identify themselves and to send their questions along with the desired timeframe of the response. That information will immediately be sent to three people: Dr. John Abraham, Dr. Ray Weymann, and Prof. Scott Mandia. These three “match-makers” will immediately notify up to three scientists with the most appropriate expertise. One scientist or one of the three CSRRT match-makers will then respond directly to the inquirer with the correct science information.

WHY WE DO IT: There is a sharp divide between what scientists know about climate change and what the public knows. The scientists of the CSRRT understand that better communication can narrow this gap. The media is in the best position to deliver accurate science information to the general public and to our elected leaders but only if they are provided with that information. The CSRRT is committed to delivering that service. We are advocates for science education.

While I think this is a great step forward, even better would be if this team also dedicated itself to addressing misinterpretations of climate science in the media.

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