Climate Science Fraud and Hypocrisy

As the Earth’s climate continues to change at an accelerating rate, the juggling and magical thinking and outright hypocrisy of climate change deniers continues to accelerate as well. While there are many examples of the remarkable ability of deniers to hold onto mutually contradictory beliefs and ideas, here are four well-worn arguments regularly put forward by deniers in public forums despite the fact that they’ve all been debunked (over and over and over) by scientists….

That’s the intro to an excellent piece on Huffington Post by a climate scientist, Peter Gleick of the Pacific Institute.

The whole piece is well worth the read. But if you just want a quick snapshot, here are four common arguments of climate deniers and succinct, sharp points hinting at their major flaws:

1. “Deniers claim that climate models are bad, but they’re happy to rely on far less reliable economic models to argue against taking action….

2. “Government action is anathema; the answer is let the free market work (oh, but we can’t have markets for carbon)….

3. “Deniers argue that comprehensive observational data on the world’s changing climate are wrong, but then point to cold weather in this or that location to argue that the world cannot be warming….

4. “Deniers seize on a few minor mistakes in the IPCC report to claim its overall conclusions are invalid; but then use massively flawed scientific arguments to dispute real climate science….

Read the full piece with more info on the repeated debunking and hypocrisy of such claims over on Huffington Post: Climate Fraud and Hypocrisy.

Photo Credit: nattu via flickr (CC license)

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