Climate Denial Crock of the Week: The Great Petition Fraud


Peter Sinclair is back again with a new installment of his always-insightful podcast “The Climate Denial Crock of the Week.” This time, he tackles the common claim climate change deniers make that thousands of reputable scientists dispute global warming. Check it out!

7 thoughts on “Climate Denial Crock of the Week: The Great Petition Fraud”

  1. Well put together and presented, but empty of significance. Similar exposes have shown massive fraud in the lists of supposed experts that endorse man-made climate change and significant lists of currently active experts are available other than this that either dispute the Greeny theory or consider the matter unresolved. Huge fortunes are being made by capitalists that hope to exploit this catastrophy hysteria and political power is being seized and utilized by those whose goal is not to convince, but to compel. In general the Earth has been getting warmer over the last 10,000 years, since the end of the last great ice age. Specifically, it has been getting warmer over the last 300 years since the peak of the Little Ice Age. In light of those indisputable facts, no evidence of climat warming has any significance as an indicator of a human cause, it was already happening without that cause. Computer models that can’t predict and bell-jar experiments that can’t be extrapolated cannot get you past the reality that the earth was already getting warmer. All of the signatures of all of the scientists in the world, something neither side can claim, can’t erase the reality that the world has been getting warmer since the last time it got cooler.

  2. I really enjoy these videos and find them informative. Don’t remember how I stumbled upon them, probably through Democratic Underground. I like that each video examines a specific issue in some depth. I’ve done a lot of reading about climate change but getting “Cliffs Notes” version is useful and gives me succinct talking points when discussing it.

    Be nice if you made it easier for folks to find this site. Took a Google search of “Climate Denial Crock of the Week” to find it.

    One of the topics I’d like to see you tackle is “humans are insignificant – planet is huge – therefore we can’t have a significant effect on climate.”

  3. Right Hoddo – both sides should agree on that but——– a true green tree hugger is no different than a neocons!

    In both cases, thinking is rarely necessary. They already have a canned answer to parrot out.

    You are planning for people to move away from consumerist societies? Good luck with your windmills.

  4. There is big, big money behind the climate-change-denial frauds. And utter ruthlessness, too. They really do not care who dies (as long as it isn’t them). And they seem to be perpetually at war with the environment.

  5. Regardless of what side of this argument you fall on, both sides should agree, pollution needs to be severely reduced.

    There’s no place in a sustainable world for a consumerist society, period. It completely contradicts any idea of sustainable.

    The greed needs to end.

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