Climate Change: Obama vs the House GOP

In the beginning of his presidential campaign, Barack Obama told the nation that he envisioned having a nation that used better principles in sustainability. This meant that the companies that drew profits from oil, coal, and other dirty energy resources would have to make changes. In recent times though, things are hitting a wall because of the nation’s economy being in trouble. A lot of this economic trouble is a result of the country being too dependent on fossil fuel companies.


John Boehner and the GOP in the House have been told that issues such as the debt ceiling won’t have to be such issues if the GOP simply tries to make better decisions about having these major companies actually perform for the county. If major corporations such as fossil fuel companies and the most wealthy had more asked of them, then the country would be in a better place. The profits that are made by those entities are not without a cost, and that cost is being paid by everyone else in the country, as well as by the natural environment as a whole. President Obama knows this and is trying to have the GOP make a rational decision that actually considers this.

The President has publicly been against the GOP’s latest movement to push the nation into further economic trouble. He has been very clear that he did not find their debt ceiling strategy to be very beneficial to the country except for the very people who the GOP is hired by. “If you do not have any revenues, if you have no revenues at all, what that means is more of a burden on seniors, more drastic cuts to education, more drastic cuts to research, bigger cuts to services for the middle class. It doesn’t ask anything of corporate jet owners, oil and gas companies, and people like me, who’ve done very well.

The President has tried to argue at length with Speaker Boehner, but the Speaker and other GOP members refuse to listen. In fact, they kept spewing the usual GOP rhetoric about climate change being false. They are trying to close the garage door on the discussion, when every reputable scientist understands that climate change is not something made up. In fact, some of the countries that produce oil, such as the United Arab Emirates, have themselves taken steps to mitigate the effects of their products.

Other nations take global warming seriously, but somehow the GOP of the United States of America fails to do so. President Obama has tried to be fair, logical, and even calm in the face of all the adversity he continues to face from the GOP when trying to help the U.S. to progress into a sustainable and socially responsible county.

The GOP has been backed by the most corrupt individuals and businesses, people and businesses that would tell the GOP anything to get a bill pushed through that favors them (even if it favors no one else). It is time for everyone to start using logic and critical thinking to read between the lines of the GOP agenda. If this happens, then Congress can perhaps finally be receptive to Obama’s message that has been well-known globally for many years — that it’s time for big business, gas and oil companies, and the rich to start contributing a little bit more to society.

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2 thoughts on “Climate Change: Obama vs the House GOP”

  1. Amen to that!

    Hey, Obama, lead the nation; give us climate education!

    This whole thing could be cleared up in a 45-minute Oval Office “State of the Climate” speech, putting the plain truth in front of the people, and putting a livable climate ahead of politics.

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