China Spearheads Approves 2,000 MW of Wind Energy Projects Worth $2.5 Billion in Hami Province

China has given acquiescence to 2,000 MW of wind energy in its Hami province, which will cost approximately $2.5 billion.

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has made a prolific move ahead by approving a 2,005-MW wind energy project in the Hami province of China, which is expected to create significant breakthroughs for the province  in the near future.

This initiative has been long-standing, and the core objective of NDRC is to augment wind energy capacity, particularly in the Hami province.

China has a pragmatic vision of making the province, and China as a whole, much greener and more energy efficient. Moreover, the approval of 10 such wind energy projects in the province will add up, by attracting investments to the tune of 16 billion Yuan (or $2.52 billion). In fact, as a precursor to this development, NDRC had approved 26 wind energy projects boasting a total generation capacity of 1300 MW in the province, out of which, supposedly, 300 MW have been commissioned already.

The province has a practical foresight whilst planning these projects and having them commissioned. Purportedly, their clear aim is to attain wind energy capacity installations to the tune of 6000 MW and 11,800 MW by 2015 and 2020 respectively. As a matter of fact, the region is benign and favourable for such wind energy projects and comprises noteworthy wind energy resources. Complementing other provinces, Hami can be a crucial player in generating wind energy in the coming years.

Although, due to the paucity of transmission infrastructure in remote areas, numerous wind energy projects have failed to supply power to the grid in various parts of China, and it has been a concerning factor, and these grid connectivity snags are believed to continue and shall critically affect the process of growth of wind energy capacity across China.

Yet, there have been landmark achievements for China as it has surpassed the mark of 50,000 MW capacity installations in the sector of wind energy. Furthermore, China aims to install a capacity of 100,000 MW of wind energy by the end of 2015. Not just that, its endeavour is to have 5,000 MW capacity increase in the offshore wind energy sector, which has been its undying vision.

Source: Climate Connect
Image: Chinese wind turbines via Shutterstock 

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