China Passes U.S. in Data and Safety Requirements for New Chemicals

While the U.S. chemical industry fights any improvements to how our nation’s chemicals are regulated, China has just steamed past the U.S. on critical topics related to data and safety requirements of new chemicals.

Yes, China, the country everyone associates with horrible pollution and unsafe products. Looks like it is getting the idea that it is time to change while the U.S. is sitting idle (on this matter and many others). Richard Denison, Ph.D., of the Environmental Defense Fund writes:

[China’s] requirements – which actually took effect October 15 – include the very same elements the U.S. industry has been warning would send chemical production and innovation running to China if they were to be adopted in the U.S., including:

  • registration as well as notification requirements for all new chemicals, whatever their production volume;
  • a minimum data set, which increases with production volume;
  • a requirement for re-notification whenever production volume increases significantly or the uses of a chemical change or expand; and
  • risk assessments for all new chemicals produced or imported above one metric ton per year.

Next up for the Chinese?  Similar requirements for existing chemicals, according to the article.

Read more on the Environmental Defense Fund’s website: Data and safety requirements for new chemicals: China blows past the US.

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Photo Credit: neys via flickr (CC license)

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