Cartoons on U.S. Politics, Climate Change, Nuclear Energy, & More

republicans nuclear policy after japan cartoon

Here are a couple of great cartoons by Tom Toles on U.S. politics, Wall Street, energy “policy” in the U.S., climate change, and our response to the nuclear disaster in Japan. Some useful and insightful commentary on these is also provided over on Climate Progress, where I ran across these.

us politics results in disaster
Too much truth in this one (click to enlarge)

More on Environmental & Global Warming Politics or Clean Energy

2 thoughts on “Cartoons on U.S. Politics, Climate Change, Nuclear Energy, & More”

  1. the earth has gone thru warming many times. Greenland was once farmed, Humans cant or shoudn’t try to change climate. how do you think oil got deposited in the artic?there will be another ice age in our future,how can we prevent that? maybe its time for a new form of life to dominate the earth. JL

    1. john: you might have good intentions, but you’re a little off:

      yes, the climate changes naturally and has changed before, but we are making it warm at an exceedingly fast rate (that is the concern).

      No, there will not be an ice age in ‘our’ future, and there is no concern of one at any time in the foreseeable future — our threat is global warming, not global cooling:

      Please, if you are concerned, check the science — look into what climate scientists have found after more than a century of research..

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