Cars Swept Away by Floods in Colombia {VIDEOS}

While the U.S. faces tremendous flooding of the Mississippi River and concurrent droughts in Texas and the Southwest, other nations around the world are suffering from global weirding as well. Yes, part of it is due to La Nina, but the fact that global warming equals MORE MOISTURE in the air and MORE PRECIPITATION is a key factor as well.

Colombia has seen consistent flooding for several months now, and “has suffered from the wettest rainy season on record.” This has flooded millions of acres of farmland, killed hundreds, caused billions of dollars in damage, and caused hardship and suffering to millions of people. This is global weirding.

In the YouTube video above, you can see cars (some with people in or on them) and buses completely swept away by recent flooding in Barranquilla, Colombia. The description on the YouTube page notes, “Colombia has suffered from heavy rains and floods for nearly a year, which has displaced around three million people and killed hundreds.”

Global warming or climate change or global weirding is not some abstract issue that harms or will harm creatures disconnected from us at some imaginary time in the future. It is affecting us now, millions or billions of us, and the effects will only get stronger as time goes on if we don’t do something to address it NOW.

Green your life, get active, and go beyond fear or pure denial today.

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