Carrington Farms Coconut Oil (Review)

Coconut is one of my favorite foods, favorite waters, favorite creams. It is wise to consider coconut milk, after mother’s milk, and goat milk. Coconut milk is desirable for the young to old. It is balancing and nourishing. (Fresh water of young coconuts is especially balancing for the electrolytes of the body.) So, it follows that the oil of this generous wonder nut must be good for us. Presently, the press is in on the fact that it is indeed. Good, quality coconut oil is one of the wonder oils we should use and offers therapeutic, nourishing, and balancing properties. Upon opening Carrington Farms pure, unrefined, cold pressed, 100% organic extra virgin coconut oil, I was not disappointed. Yum, a rich smell of coconut met my nose. I dip my finger in, yum again. I love good oils and I enjoyed the fresh nutty taste of coconut.

Coconut Water by TaranRampersad @ Creative Commons
Coconut Water by TaranRampersad @ Creative Commons

It follows that the oil of this refreshing tropical nut is vitalizing and nourishing. My use of oils is very limited in cooking. I only use a bit of flax oil in salads or potatoes. When I decided to try out Carrington Farm’s organic coconut oil, I initially thought of my skin. The skin drinks in live, fresh oils and is a paired organ of the lungs; thus, the body assimilates vital oils for healthy immune function in this way. I have been using Carrington coconut oil all summer on my skin and hair quite delightfully.

However, I also put this coconut oil to use baking a mineral-rich carob bread/cake for my daughter. I love rich mineral bread. We all need those dark minerals, particularly young women in their child-bearing years — whether they are bearing children or not. Young women’s bodies gratefully drink in the dark minerals of black-strap molasses and barley malts. I made a sweet carob cake rich in minerals that helps young women get what they absolutely need along with those monthly cravings. I thought, why not substitute the oil in the recipe with coconut oil. This worked out just fine, adding that coconutty flavor to the carob cake.

The more natural thing for me on opening this oil was to spread it all over my skin. It felt great. I found a daily ritual of soaking my skin with Carrington coconut oil, and yes, licking my fingers was wonderful. What the body needs can be taken in by the skin as well as the mouth. One night I also soaked my hair in the oil. Coconut in the body, via skin, via hair, via coconutty carob cake – I found these entire uses perfect with this fresh oil from Carrington Farms. The clean, fresh smell of the oil was free from any hint of rancidity and remained so until the last oil droplet was used.

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