Carbon Tax! (Cartoon)

Oy — unfortunately, this is the situation today:

carbon tax

h/t Climate Progress

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1 thought on “Carbon Tax! (Cartoon)”

  1. Carbon Tax is a FAIL mate.

    It changes the carbon in the atmosphere by nothing!

    If anything CO2 emmissions are the proximate cause of global warming. (Tho’ notes England’s / Moscow’s coldest winters ever(?) in Dec 2012 – Mar 2013)

    OVER-POPULATION is the distal cause.

    Why fuck with the fairies when the real reason is know.

    Every baby born today, in Africa, China, India & Latin America is assured by a loving Mum & Dad that they will one day have a car, a house, and home like about the standard of the USA circa 1968

    Why can’t they have THE DREAM – because not even the USA can afford that DREAM anymore, as it slides into economic decay. Fifteen Billion people or thereabouts and the planet cannot offer a platform for humanity, as it exists today.

    Because the Carbon footprint of every tiny tot in a cot or crib, or slung from the back of a Mom, be it in a slum in NIgeria, or upstate NewEngland is HUGE! The planet cannot, and will not support the dream.

    We know how to curb unbridled fertility WHEREAS the Carbon Tax Transmission Mechanism to a cooler planet is tenuous.

    It’s more Voodoo, than technological understood succession of causes, and process that will, through a tax ☛ result in planetary cooling.

    Stop OVERPOPULATION now. An unplanned child is IMMORAL & UNETHICAL

    Get that message across NOW.

    We are the Easter Islanders chopping away at the last few trees. No Tree management plan would have save the Easter Islanders, but controlling their own fertilty would have, to a that point, were the tree problem solves itself.


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