Canadian Government Knew About Controversial Sea Fertilisation

According to a resident of the suddenly-important aboriginal village of Old Massett in British Columbia, Canada, the Canadian government knew all about the well-publicised ocean fertilization project conducted off Canada’s west coast earlier this year.

Canadian Government Knew About Ocean Fertilisation
This file illustration photo, obtained from NASA, shows a massive phytoplankton bloom, as seen from a satellite. Organizers of a controversial ocean fertilization project off Canada’s west coast said officials knew of the undertaking but did not stop it, and that it violated no laws.

John Disney of the Village of Old Massett told a press conference that the project followed international legal and scientific protocols and that at least seven Canadian federal agencies knew of the plan, which involved US businessman Russ George.

“The government knew exactly what we were doing,” Disney told a news conference at the Vancouver Aquarium. “The work was performed in international waters, and is lawful.”

The incident has been well covered already, here on Planetsave and elsewhere, so there is no need to jump back into the specifics of what happened.

The Canadian government immediately denied any involvement and a spokesmen for Environment Minister Peter Kent said on Thursday that an investigation into the matter had been launched on August 30. Adam Sweet told AFP federal officials met project organizers last May and told them “any iron ore deposit in waters, whether inside or outside the Canadian (200 nautical miles) limit, constitutes a violation of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act,” unless it is for the purpose of legitimate research.

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