Canada Says Chemicals Used In Cosmetics Could Cause Cancer


In shocking news, the Canadian government has announced that two chemicals used in cosmetics are carcinogens that are severely harmful to human health. A further two chemicals found in lipstick and other personal care products have also been found to be highly toxic to the environment.

The two cancer-causing chemicals, isoprene and epichlorohydrin, have been added to the Cosmetic Ingredient Hotlist to prevent their future use in cosmetics. Health Canada is also proposing that manufacturers use best-available technology to control releases of isoprene.

The cosmetics chemicals posing a danger to the environment are the siloxanes D4 and D5, which are used as emollients to soften the skin and are found in most personal care products on the market in Canada and the United States.

Although they are not believed to be harmful to human health, the fact that these chemicals enter ecosystems in large quantities, persist in the environment, bioaccumulate up the food chain and may harm fish and aquatic organisms, has prompted Canada to establish plans to set strict concentration limits for them.

Speaking about the announcement, Canada’s Environment Minister, Jim Prentice, said, “The government of Canada is doing its part to protect Canada’s environment from the harmful effects of chemical substances. This work means that harmful substances will be stopped from entering the environment and becoming a problem for future generations.”

For more information, go to the Canadian Government’s Chemical Substances Website.

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  1. Buy organic cosmetics, make your own, stick to natural soap! Kids are still bathed in cheap petrochemical waste shampoos and bubble baths – that should be banned!

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