Burlap — Green Material for Weddings, Gardening, Home Decor, Shopping Bags, & More


Companies are consistently trying to churn out new, green materials to help us save the world (or stop destroying it). However, one material that has been around for ages is already super green — burlap — and it seems to be coming back into fashion a bit.

Burlap is 100% biodegradable and comes from renewable resources (jute, hemp, or flax fibers). If made from hemp, it’s worth noting that hemp is sort of an environmental wonder crop — it doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers and it replenishes the soil it’s grown in! What’s not to love?

As you can see in the image above via Confessions of a Plate Addict/pinterest, burlap can be used for nice, rustic table decor and other furniture decor. If you’re really into that look, a whole wedding or home could be decked out with burlap decor.

It can also be used for all sorts of bags — shopping bags for groceries as a whole, or bags for bulk coffee beans, nuts, rice or other grains, legumes, etc. Obviously, the fact that it can be used for reusable bags is also a plus, since we sorely need to cut down on our production and use of plastic.

If you’re into gardening, you can also use burlap for erosion control or gardening rags.

The material is quite versatile and, clearly, can be used for all sorts of things. Check out this burlap fabrics site I recently ran across for more ideas. (Or, send along more ideas in the comments if you’ve got them!)

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