BP Oil Spill Capped, Lessons Learned from this Oil Spill Disaster?

bp oil spill capped

BP oil spill is capped, but have we learned our lessons?

Finally! The BP oil spill is reportedly capped.

Jeremy Bloom over on our sister site, FailDrill, has a good in-depth post on this story (BP Shuts Off the Oil, For Now“) but thought I’d throw in a few cents here as well.

This longer-than-anyone-expected oil spill, the results of which will go on for much longer than we can probably imagine, has been stopped (temporarily, at least).

And although the disaster is, of course, not something we would want to have happen for any reason, hopefully we have learned a bit from this oil spill.

Hopefully, we have learned:

  • how corrupt regulation of big oil (and big industry, in general) is;
  • how much we need government regulation of dangerous technologies;
  • that it is really time for us to get out of our cars and onto or into cleaner transportation;
  • that even when companies say something is safe or taken care of, that is not always the case.

This has been a nightmare for many, death for many, and will be a trouble we need to deal with for ages to come. But it wouldn’t have been so if we weren’t so addicted to oil we were drilling in risky places and if our government really kept an eye on big oil (and don’t forget, this could happen in other industries — nuclear, food, etc.).

Will we change?

Photo Credit: dmixo6 via flickr

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