BoBo Says No to Leather, and Explains Why (Some Shocking Info)

OK, I’ll admit it, this news release caught my eye because one of my nicknames is Bobo. That said, I’m glad it did, because it contains a great message and some great information. I normally don’t just repost a press release, but this is a really good and succinct one, so here it is:

BoBo says no to leather. See why.

The world of fashion always emphasizes the superior quality of articles made of leather. What they never say is that when you buy leather you are encouraging cruelty against animals.

Most people are happy to wear leather on the grounds that it’s a byproduct of the meat industry, and so a form of recycling waste. But this is not true. The selling of animal skin can infact be more profitable for farmers than the selling of meat itself.
By buying leather, you are therefore supporting the meat industry.

There are also environmental issues to consider. Tanneries are particularly polluting and consume vast amount of energy. Most leather is chrome tanned, which means carcinogenic chromium is being pumped into the water table. While leather can be tanned with non-toxic vegetable dyes, chrome tanning is faster and produces more flexible leather, so there’s no incentive for factories to switch.

People suffer too! Many who live near or work in tanneries are dying from cancer caused by exposure to the toxic chemicals used.

Bourgeois Boheme knows better than leather: improved technologies have made it possible to produce high quality alternatives that are just as strong and resistant as animal leather.

Bourgeois Boheme manufactures quality leather-free shoes and accessories for men and women. Please take a look at our website and enjoy 15% OFF everything on our site with code β€œbobosaysno2leather” (expires on 15th May 2012):

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