Blue Planet Run’s Water Champion Makes A Big Splash In The News!

The team at Blue Planet Run would like to share their perspective of an amazing young woman who goes the distance to help others.

We have been in awe of Katie Spotz for quite some time for all that she does for Blue Planet Run. She ran as part of a four-person team for the Blue Planet Run 24-hour trail relay last spring; she is training to row across the Atlantic by herself next year; and she has just accomplished her latest amazing feat in the name of safe drinking water…

Katie has completed a solo swim, 325 miles, of the Allegheny River across Pennsylvania and New York!

She is the first person ever to swim the full length of this river. She averaged about 10 miles per day with her best distance being 22 miles in one day. The river has locks and dams, so she had to get out of the water in her flippers, wetsuit and gear, to walk around them. Nothing gets in her way!  Take a look at Katie in action

At a mere 21 years of age, this fearless woman has set a personal standard for achievement most of us only dream of (before we return to our sofa and bowl of ice cream). We are so fortunate to have Katie as a supporter of Blue Planet Run.

She has found water to be one of her passions and spreading awareness about the global water crisis a motivating force.

For millions of people, a river is not a source of recreation or sport.

It is the source for all of their water needs: bathing, drinking, cooking, waste disposal. Katie would likely not be able to swim in such water and hope to stay healthy.

Imagine if your water source was a creek or river.

How far would you have to travel just to collect water every day? Most women and children in developing countries walk an average of 6K (just shy of 4 miles).  How much time out of your day would be wasted to do this menial task?

Katie is doing everything in her power to raise awareness and money to bring relief and health to people around the globe. The team at Blue Planet Run applauds her courage and stamina. Let Katie be an inspiration to us all!

Our Water Champion

We know there are many great stories like this among the Blue Planet Run community, of people doing amazing things to spread the word about safe drinking water and making a real difference.  We’d love to know your stories so we can share them with everyone else…so send them in!

Water is life. Pass it on.

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