Blue Planet Run: Walk or Cycle 30-Mile Challenge

Build a well and change a life

Run, Walk or Cycle 30 miles within 30 days starting October 1 to provide safe drinking water to 1,200 kids for life! Register now, it’s easy. You can form a team, find a team or go solo. Cover all of your 30 miles in one shot or spread it out over the entire month! Go to:

This is a great reason to start getting into shape. If you are already an athlete, just do what you are doing and apply it to this very worthy cause! We need 1,000 athletes to join Team Blue with a pledge of $1/mile. Help us by spreading the word. You can download a flyer from our website under “what more you can do.”

Currently, these kids miss school and walk long distances to find and collect water. They often resort to a hand-dug open pit used by animals and people. The water is filthy! They get sick and miss even more school. With a well, these kids are given a proper education; they are healthy; they can grow their own vegetables!

The 30-Mile Challenge is only for October. So please, gather up your friends or family and register! This is a marvelous way to stay fit, spend quality time with others and change a kid’s life dramatically!

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