Billionaire Koch Brothers, Who Own Republican Party, Run Lying Ad on Solyndra & Obama

koch kills democracy activists

We’ve spent hours upon hours researching the Solyndra story and debunking every single one of the lies mentioned in this video (it’s packed full of a LOT) — click the link above to read some of those. But the really ironic thing about this video is that it was funded by the Koch Brothers, oil billionaires who are tied for 5th richest person in the U.S. and everyone now knows own the Republican party, and are making millions (or billions) off of that. Ironic? Yes. Will it still fool tons of people the Koch brothers screw every day? Yes.

“The conservative oil billionaires Charles and David Koch are spending millions on television ads meant to turn the failure of the Solyndra solar energy company into an election liability for Barack Obama,” the Guardian reports.

“…the ads will run for two weeks on stations in Florida, Michigan, Virginia, and New Mexico. All are battleground states in the 2012 presidential election.”

Well, you have to give it to the Koch’s, they know how to confuse the public, win elections, and make themselves richer while the rest of the country (or the 99.99%) get poorer.

Koch Activists photo via losinghand

2 thoughts on “Billionaire Koch Brothers, Who Own Republican Party, Run Lying Ad on Solyndra & Obama”

    1. So, Gerry, you’re implying that Kochs were “in-bed” with Corzine & Co.? John Corzine, the *Goldman Sachs* millionaire & former Arch Liberal DEMOCRAT Governor & Senator of New Jersey & who is a HUGE financial & political supporter of President Obama? Boy oh boy, isn’t that a great story to investigate further!
      *[Goldman Sachs: the Tax Payer Bailed Out Bankers who Corporately donated over a Million Dollars to Obama campaign]*
      Corruption & Crony Capitalism seems to be a problem for lots of whoring Pols, yes?

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