Bicyclists Beat JetBlue Passenger in California Race

Bicycling not fast enough for you? Well, it turns out that, in some situations, bicyclists are even faster than jets.


6 cyclists racing a blogger traveling on a JetBlue flight from Burbank, California to Long Beach, California completed the trip in 1 hour and 34 minutes, mostly riding along the Los Angeles River, while the flight passenger (leaving at exactly the same time, 10:50am) was just taking off when the cyclists reached the finish line this last Saturday. Due to the trip to the airport and the wait time, the flight passenger didn’t stand a chance.

Here’s a little more from the LATimes:

“Joe Anthony, 33, who took the JetBlue flight, said the race was meant to show ‘how feasible cycling is in L.A.,’ And, he said, ‘maybe how ridiculous it is to fly 40 miles.'”

Both seem like worthwhile goals, given the tremendous global warming pollution caused by planes and the many, many benefits of bicycling.

Logically, for covering dense areas, bicycling might be the fastest mode of transport around. Additionally, it is reportedly the most efficient mode of transport. And, rather than waste time going to the gym to stay healthy, bicyclists can have a little more fun bicycling for transportation purposes or racing jets once a week. What’s not to love about this wonderful mode of transport?

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