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If you’re not familiar with the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) study, here’s the quick summary:

A ‘global warming skeptic’ who was convinced, somehow, that climate scientists who had been studying global temperatures for the last several decades hadn’t done a careful enough job. He, Dr. Richard Muller, got together a team of top statisticians and scientists and conducted his own independent study of global temperatures. It included more temperature stations than ever included in a study before, as well as different methodology.

Guess what?

He got essentially the exact same findings as the climate scientists had.

Here are a couple graphics to put the point across:

From the BEST study, rising temperatures.

best global warming results compared to other climate science results

This “BEST” study was big because it had the strong backing of the entire global warming denial community, and actually received a good bit of its funding from some of the world’s top funders (probably the top funders) of global warming denial junk science, the Koch Brothers. Well, as soon as Muller came out with his findings, the whole denier community turned on him,.. of course. What else could you expect from a community of people who think thousands upon thousands of scientists all around the world in hundreds of scientific organizations and universities are all in cahoots together to fool the world about global warming… for no real clear reason.

Well, now, you can have a little fun with the BEST findings and visualizations with a new iPhone and iPad app, ‘Just Science‘, created by one of the funders of the study, Novim. Check it out—looks like fun! (Man, sometimes I really wish I had an iPhone or iPad to check out these cool apps with!)

h/t Global Warming is Real

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