Become Self-Sufficient to Survive the Financial Crisis

The talk on the streets is that there is a coming financial crisis, and one that will drastically alter the way we all go about our daily lives. It matters very little if you believe in this coming wreckage or not, as the most important part of this catastrophe is your survival preparedness. To begin with, the chances of something happening (and very soon) in the financial sector are growing considerably.

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The Time May Come Sooner Than We All Would Like or Think

It is no longer just a matter of if, but when, the financial standards that used to be seen as granite-tiered stations of immovability crumble to the ground. The fall from an AAA credit rating to an AA rating may not sound like such a terrible drop, but, in actuality, the ripples from this reduction are being felt across the globe.

Looming Financial Crisis

The time to prepare for the looming financial crisis is at hand and one of the best ways for you to be ready when the bottom falls out is by researching and reading all that you can on the subject. The smart money will be placed in obtaining a renewable energy source for the family unit. This can be in the form of a solar panel setup or a small but really economical water-wheel apparatus.

To make things a bit easier, and more concise, regarding some potentially good things learn about, for after-the-fall residential living, we decided to create a short list right here and now!

Points of Interest to Becoming Self-Sufficient in the Coming Financial Crisis

  • Build a Greenhouse for Organic Plants – The price of food is not getting any cheaper and it pays to grow fresh, non-pesticide food for your entire family!
  • Construct a Chicken Coop with a Few Free Range Birds! – Having farm fresh eggs every morning certainly is a huge benefit and oh so delicious!
  • Learn to Barter – At the very least, be open to the nature of bartering since this is how we all used to survive back in the day.
  • Bottle Water Now! – The time has come to not recycle those milk jugs and, instead, wash them out and fill them with water.

Prepare for the Worst and Hope for the Best…Great Motto!

With that list above firmly in place, you will be almost ready to face the coming fall of the financial sector. Please do not think that this could not happen, as that is just plain silly! The normalcy bias is a dangerous thought process to engage with and should not be entertained at all!

Author Bio: This guest post was written by Magnus Dahlquist, the owner of the DIY website BlueprintFinder. BlueprintFinder offers plans and blueprints for chicken coops, playhouses, greenhouses and sheds.

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  1. I don’t think washing out milk jugs is such a good idea. Allot of us drink bottled and filtered water. If you don’t have jugs for your water, ask some friends. Even if washed, you would still run the risk of bacterial growth with the milk cartons.

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