Be Green for Your New Baby to Celebrate Mother’s Day.

Being a new mom can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time, as adding a new addition to the family is also adding a new consumer to earth.  If you want to lead an example for your new baby to minimize your family’s carbon footprint, then it’s time to implement some new ways of living.

Did you know that in America there are 50 million disposable diapers that enter landfills each day, and it takes 500 years for them to decompose as they contain mostly plastic?  An alternative from disposable plastic diapers would be 100% biodegradable green diapers. gDiapers is a perfect middle between plastic diapers and cloth diapers as it is convenient for your household and less harmful to the environment.

Another big purchase for mothers is strollers. Strollers nowadays have become a competition between parents to purchase the hippest and priciest item. While, in fact, they should be focusing on supporting companies that take initiative in implementing the corporate social responsibility approach to leave behind a greener world in manufacturing the baby product. Eco Friendly Strollers uses environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials to create a non-toxic surrounding for your baby. A baby’s skin is five times thinner than an adult’s. Therefore, it’s important to provide a toxic-free environment for them to grow up in. One of the greenest strollers I have come across so far would be the Orbit Baby G2 Stroller, which includes organic cotton and PVC-free materials.

After your baby is finished using the stroller, it’s important to donate your good-condition stroller to someone else in need or to recycle it if it’s usage has ended. By reusing good-condition baby items, you are saving the environment from unnecessary materials and energy used for producing a brand new product, and it helps minimize your new family’s spending.

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