Alternative Energy, the Solution to Terrorism – Peres

It may sound simplistic, but Israeli President Shimon Peres makes a good point;  “The problem itself (terror and Iran), is like a swamp with mosquitos.  It’s preferable to dry out the swamp than try to kill every single mosquito.”

While meeting with representatives of the students’ village in the town of Dimona, Peres said;

“When the price of oil rises, the terrorist organizations feel better; the feeling needs to be brought back down.  The way to bring Iran, Venezuela and even Russia in some respects down, is to lower the price of oil.  Attacking oil fields is foolish.  We can attack with energy, meaning create alternative energy.”

Peres made the statement during a celebration of his 85th birthday Dimona, Israel, a town he described as, “one of the most beautiful towns in Israel, a town that is number one in education and urban development.”  He said residents of the community have excelled in turning the desert wilderness into a “beautiful and wonderful town unparalleled in Jewish history.”

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9 thoughts on “Alternative Energy, the Solution to Terrorism – Peres”

  1. although I run into a great deal of stupidity these days. for the record: were not all dummies out here, for we do know the score.
    the alternative to oil and coal is staring us right in the face, and yet we just don’t see it. now is the time to stop screwing around playing that little game with alternatives to oil and use our solar furnace to its full potential. let’s start right now by symbolically converting our entire infrastructure to run on a new source of non-polluting fuel, courtesy of our creator.

    Professor West

  2. That is so true, block every possible way of making money for this fools they will hands down. These men will not do that. This people have decided their death. The solution to all this is just an authorised off the book assasination of this mad men. I wonder why it is being too hard for the world to handle this men. These are not Muslims or christains just bunch of huddlums with injured brain. Brain washing the normal brothers to their sick hallucination. I love Africans, we would have ended this long time ego. Isreal is under serious treat of being wiped out and you are thinking of easy and peaceful solution. Hellow wild donkey can’t be trained. please save your energy for something possible.

  3. Mark Kiernan, Venice, Italy

    Peres is a great man who has always pushed a moderate view from the political stand point. He is a true leader as he wants the best for this countries future, something we in Europe and the USA could take into account.

    Israel is on the brink, it is caught between countries who both supply it and want to destroy it. Moving to solar and electric cars (see Project Better Place) will secure the countries future.

  4. he was the man that insisted israel should have nuclear weapons, which is obviously one of the most pathetic decisions ever made, becuase you can not throw that bomb anywhere in the middle east, without getting the damage back on the isreal land itself.
    he caused nothing but damage to my county.
    that remark is useless, becuase you may dry the swamp, but another can keep on adding new water to it so your efforts are useless. (who do you think furnish iran with the knowledge of nuclear weapon?)

  5. I wish I had said that…

    Wow…thank you,Uncle B. Let’s hope Americans read and remember what you have said when November 5th comes along.


  6. Israeli President Shimon Peres is absolutely right!If the U.S. had chosen to be a moral people, and leaving Iraqi oil alone, and following Al Gore, decided to develop the South Western deserts, with the technology of the times – solar/thermal-molten sodium – electricity installations, for the same amount of money as that war cost, ($650 Billion), today, we would be tapping into the largest, renewable, sustainable, energy source the world has ever known. It would have paid every energy bill in the U.S.A. for maintenance fees only – FOREVER! It would be equivalent to an oil field that can NEVER run dry! Low cost electric power, and storeable hydrogen gasoline replacement from the electricity, for all!
    After the millions of murders, and $650 billions of dollars, borrowed from our children’s futures and pissed away, with thousands of our own and others maimed and disfigured for life, millions of families utterly destroyed, ours and theirs, we are no closer to Iraqi oil production than the Iraqis are!
    The next time you hear a blithering idiot spoiled brat, drunken, drug addicted, sociopath, rich Arabic saber dancing daddie’s boy oilman, stand at a microphone and threaten YOUR safety with someone ELSE’S weapons, remember what you lost America, remember, and weep! (also see

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