Al Gore Goes Vegan (Enjoying A Cruelty-Free Thanksgiving Right Now)

al goreAl Gore has finally put his money where his mouth is… or put his mouth where his money is. He has apparently gone vegan. He has done so rather discreetly, maybe wanting to make sure he sticks to his guns before making a big announcement, but the news came out this past week in a Forbes article and then in a Washington Post article.

Here’s a bit from the Washington Post article (h/t Climate Denial Crock of the Week):

An individual familiar with Gore’s decision, who asked not to be identified because it involved a personal matter, confirmed that Gore opted a couple of months ago to become vegan. Gore’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

It is unclear why Gore, one of the nation’s most visible climate activists, has given up dairy, poultry and meat products. People usually become vegan for environmental, health or ethical reasons, or a combination of these three factors.

Bill Clinton explained in a 2011 interview with CNN’s Sanjay Gupta that he adopted a vegan diet primarily for health considerations. Known for consuming a high-fat cuisine while in office, Clinton — who was 65 at the time — said he realized he had “played Russian roulette” with his health for too long, and that since making the switch, “I feel good, and I also have, believe it or not, more energy.”

As you may know, livestock production is likely the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions… by far. And fighting global warming is obviously Al’s thing. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the impetus for the change. However, there’s a decent chance it could be a health thing, as well.

The funny thing is that Bill Clinton switched to a plant-based diet three years ago (for health reasons). So, if the duo were still in the White House, they’d be the first vegan President and Vice President combo! 😀

Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Mike Tyson (yep, Mike even said, “I wish I was born this way“)… kudos to all of them for switching to a cruelty-free diet. I hope they’re enjoying a scrumptious, cruelty-free Thanksgiving meal right now.

Who’s next?

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3 thoughts on “Al Gore Goes Vegan (Enjoying A Cruelty-Free Thanksgiving Right Now)”

  1. “As environmental science has advanced, it has become apparent that the human appetite for animal flesh is a driving force behind virtually every major category of environmental damage now threatening the human future: deforestation, erosion, fresh water scarcity, air and water pollution, climate change, biodiversity loss, social injustice, the destabilization of communities, and the spread of disease.” Worldwatch Institute, “Is Meat Sustainable?”

    “The livestock sector emerges as one of the top contributors to the most serious environmental problems, at every scale from local to global. The findings of this report suggest that it should be a major policy focus when dealing with problems of land degradation, climate change and air pollution, water shortage and water pollution, and loss of biodiversity. The impact is so significant that it needs to be addressed with urgency.” UN Food and Agricultural Organization’s report “Livestock’s Long Shadow”

    “If every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetables and grains… the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off of U.S. roads.” Environmental Defense Fund

    “It’s not a requirement to eat animals, we just choose to do it, so it becomes a moral choice and one that is having a huge impact on the planet, using up resources and destroying the biosphere.” ~ James Cameron, movie director, environmentalist and new vegan

    “A 1% reduction in world-wide meat intake has the same benefit as a
    three trillion-dollar investment in solar energy.” ~ Chris Mentzel, CEO
    of Clean Energy

    “Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” ~ Albert Einstein

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