A Change Will Do You Good

Change, it is what we are all promoting in this field.

We identified that we are on a crash course in life, the life of future generations, others, all of the species that are suffering due to our inconsiderate and consumptive ways, and the natural environment as we know it and as it has come to be after a slow, lengthy process of evolution. Now, we are trying to change course, we are trying to change.

What is this change we are seeking, and how do we achieve it?

We are seeking a fundamental change in the larger effect we (as a society and as a species) are having on the earth. We are seeking this in many ways, but one great opportunity in seeking this broader change is to change our own needs, our own desires, our own habits and lifestyles. When is this a greater possibility than when we are going through tremendous life changes anyway. With change comes the opportunity for greater change. We decide to go into the basement to get something out of a box, and we end up finding all kinds of things we can toss forever or use or give away.

I just moved from the U.S. to Poland, to live my life with my wife. I am changing careers and starting in a whole new world a whole new life. This is a great opportunity for me to change more than just those things, more than just my place of residence and career but also my habits, my thoughts, my perspectives, my whole lifestyle and my daily patterns of life. It brought to my attention what someone (a sociology professor? an author? a friend?) in college once brought to my attention for the first time in this lifetime — when we are going through major life changes, that is a great opportunity to change things that we have a hard time changing in our daily lives. This is a great opportunity to change more than what is automatically changing but also to make the greatest opportunity of this major transformation in our life by digging deeper and changing more things that we have been too lazy to change in a more settled and comfortable life.

So, whether you are going through a career change, a move, a relationship change, or even a new schedule at work, if you are going through such a major change, think through what deeper changes you can make at the same time, think about the deeper roots underneath all of your actions and patterns that could use some shaking up.

This is a great opportunity to change your patterns as it relates to specific little things you do — going shopping by foot or transit or bike rather than by car, recycling more, consuming less.

But it is also, on a deeper level, an opportunity to examine ourselves and see the deeper roots of our unnecessary, unsustainable ways.

Make the most of your changes,
and if you are not going through any “major” life changes,
consider for a moment that everyday the sun rises to bring light to the world, and everyday you wake up to be “awake” in the presence of life again, and that any single day could be that great day when you dig beneath your shallow desires and find more light in your soul.

So, everyday is that great opportunity of change,
and that great opportunity for change.

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