76% of Religious Americans Want a Strong Global Warming Pact.

praying religious people support global warming action

Quick News: “A new University of Maryland poll finds that 76 percent of Catholics and evangelicals support a global pact reducing the pollution that causes global warming,” Rebecca Leber at Think Progress reports.

“Among [the respondents], 32 percent said it falls within their obligation to protect God’s creation. A bigger group, at 44 percent, didn’t think of it as an obligation. But it was important to defend against rising temperatures nonetheless.”

This is not a huge surprise to me, as the numbers are quite similar to U.S. opinion on the matter, as a whole, and it’s clear in the text of the Bible (and other religious books) that part of a spiritual life is taking care of others and taking care of God’s creation, or nature and animals. And, beyond the moral responsibility, it’s just common sense.

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