5 Ways to Upcycle Items Into Garden Containers

A big part of being environmentally conscious is knowing when to reuse and when to recycle. Both, along with reducing waste and resource use, are crucial parts of protecting the planet. They are also elements to our lives that will, over time, become second nature as we push forward into a more eco-friendly age. The act of being eco-conscious is spreading all over the world.

If your hobbies also lay in gardening, you will be pleased to know you can double your efforts by upcycling plant containers. There are plenty of ideas that take only items you are sure to have around the house already. This can immediately reduce your recycling by reusing objects instead and also limit what you throw away.

Check out these five awesome ideas for upcycled plant containers.

1. Toilet Roll Containers

Toilet Roll Containers

These cute little containers were made by filling a box with toilet roll containers that look as though they have been cut in half. This creates a small container for chili plants, which only require small containers to bud.

2. Egg Carton Containers

Egg Carton Containers

Egg cartons are great for small plants like herbs or for cultivating seeds for planting later on. The cartons provide small, separate sections for each collection of seeds, and they are strong enough to withstand watering. I have seen a few people paint them to make them more decorative.

3. Eggshell Containers

Eggshell Containers

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These are adorable, but a little harder to make. You have to be careful with the eggshells, breaking them along the center without ruining either side. You then fill them with soil and sprouts. The writer has used wheatgrass seeds, which are very useful. You could do this with white eggshells, but I think the brown are more attractive.

4. Phone Book Containers

Phone Book Containers

Phone books are so destructive for the environment. They require a huge amount of paper and for very little payoff. No one seems to use them anymore, as all that information can be found online or through information, making them redundant. So do something good with the ones you automatically get.

Cut pieces out of the center and turn them into interesting plant containers. You might want to cut all the way down to help protect them from falling apart when you water.

5. Old Shoe Container

Old Shoe Container

We all have shoes that just don’t get worn. This person took a very old hiking boot and turned into a hanging planter. The way shoes tend to be reinforced to keep water from leaking in makes them fantastic pots, and the wide mouth gives plants room to grow.

What are some of your own ideas for interesting containers using old materials from your home? Let us know in the comments!

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