5 US States Now Top 10% Electricity from Wind Power

Wind power has gone from being almost non-existent in the US in the late 1990s to being a major source of electricity in the country today. In this repost from sister site sustainablog, you can get a feel for wind’s growth in general and especially in certain states in the US. Check it out, as well as the link above for even more wind power information (in the US and globally).

[repostus hash=8a71f46eea56eb87338897d74a188fd1 title=Wind+Tops+10+Percent+Share+of+Electricity+in+Five+U.S.+States host=sustainablog short=18NXi snip=by+J.+Mattnew+Roney+A+new+picture+is+emerging+in+the+U.S.+power+sector.+In+2007%2C+electricity+generation+from+coal+peaked%2C+dropping+by+close+to+4+percent+annually+between+2007+and+2011.+Over+the+same+time+period%2C+nuclear+generation+fell+slightly%2C+while+natural+gas-fired+electricity+grew+by+some+3+percent%26hellip%3B thumb=http%3A%2F%2Fimg.1.rp-api.com%2Fthumb%2F1409791]

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