5 More Ideas For Your Indoor Garden

I have a serious fascination with indoor gardens and have for a long time. Living in an area that suffers from serious climate extremes, moving from dry and very hot summers to icy and snow-covered winters (and everything else in between those seasons), keeping a viable garden outdoors is difficult. Especially for more finicky plants.

About two years ago, I started my own little indoor garden in the dining room by the bay window. Since then, it has grown and changed frequently, and I cannot help but continue to make alterations as I go along. Pinterest isn’t helping with this, as I find more and more ideas that appeal to me, and so have to do yet another upgrade.

Because it is such a popular topic online, I know I am not alone in this harmless little addiction. So I thought I would share four ideas for an indoor garden I have found, some of which I have already incorporated myself.

1. Upcycled Planters

Upcycled Planters

These are all very vintage, which not only aren’t my style, but are also harder to find the base items for. But I love the general idea, and I have been doing this kind of thing with old cans and jars for awhile. What never occurred to me was using an old tin or box for the same purpose. During the summer, I was given this little wood box filled with baby pineapples as a gift from a friend. I really liked the crate they came in, and wanted to do something with it. Before I had just used it to keep magazines in for my sitting room, but this was a much better concept, and it has now been turned into a styling box for holding mini planters of herbs.

Get more ideas on upcycling items into gardening containers + see this collection of mini green houses in a light bulb.

2. Mason Jar Herbs

Mason Jar Herbs

I have seen two styles of this idea, the other one being this. While it would take a little more work, I have considered doing it myself to free up space on my main table. Plus, it looks pretty cool. The metal bands would be easy enough to get and attach into the base board. But finding the right size of jar to make sure they fit snug without potentially falling would be harder. Even crafting the rings yourself, there is a good chance of it coming loose. But then, I am not the handiest person around the house… any ideas?

Hat tip to Flowers24hours.

3. Eclectic Indoor Garden

Eclectic Indoor Garden

I love the look of this, and the way it has so many different types of plants all there in the same place. It appears more exotic than my own neat little variety, like it is all somehow growing wild in the room. The old trunks and luggage add to it, and what comes to mind is a picture of a Victorian setup — some academic who had spent time in the rainforest, and then come back to their English countryside manor with samples of the unusual plants there to study in comfort. I realize that is an incredibly specific impression to get from this image, but it is an overwhelming one.

4. Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden

Again, a space saver that also looks good. Hanging plants is a great way of keeping them accessible, but not taking up so much room on surfaces, which of course gives you a place to work on new planters and such. This one obviously has a ton of space but few places to set anything down, so it was a clever way of getting around it without looking cluttered. Don’t even get me started on the antique look of the room! I think my favorite part is the hanging shelf where they have placed different pots, an interesting idea.

5. Glass Greenhouse

Glass Greenhouse

This just looks amazing for any modern design lover. A glass enclosure with a garden inside, right there in the middle of the house. Of course, it is a very difficult (and probably expensive) thing to pull off. But it shows an out-of-the-box method to showing off such a concept, while still keeping it stark and simplistic. I only wish you could see the other side of the garden, and perhaps inside to see how large it is and what they placed within.

Do you have any interesting ideas for indoor gardens? Let us know in the comments!

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