5 Cool Organic Living Quotes To Get Inspired By

Organic Living Quotes

We have all heard by now of the many benefits of organic living. The help to the environment, the rejection of chemicals that could potentially be causing health problems, a possible correlation to obesity when eating preservative high foods… the list goes on. Not to mention the improved taste of many foods when grown naturally, such as fruits and vegetables.

But living organic isn’t always easy. Especially when you are just trying to get started and realize that it takes a real adjustment to how you eat, shop, and think. Added costs, longer hunts, somewhat shorter shelf lives, and a few other concerns can be enough to tamper wannabe organic lifers.

If you are wanting to be inspired to maker the switch, or just like a little something to keep you going, here are five cool organic living quotes to get inspired by.

1. “Life expectancy would grow by leaps and bounds if green vegetables smelled as good as bacon.” Doug Larson 

I love bacon. A lot of people love bacon. Even people who hate bacon love bacon. I have spoken to more than one vegan who admits that it is one food that weakens their resolve, even if they never give in. [Editor’s note: I dislike the smell of bacon immensely… but I was raised vegetarian.] While green vegetables can be delicious, there are some that just don’t do it for most of us.

For example, I know kale is one of the best foods you can eat. But I would be lying if I didn’t say that I think it tastes like, well, something not so good. [Editor’s note: kale is probably my favorite vegetable — I love it!] But the real part to take away from this quote is not that green veggies taste bad. It is that eating them will improve your health, whether you like them or not. Sure, it isn’t exactly about organic living. But you can be certain that if non-organic veggies are good for you, organic ones are even better.

Organic Living Quotes

2. “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

Once upon a time, all food was organic. It had to be, as synthetic pesticides had yet to be developed. This had both positive and negative implications for the world. But focusing on the time this was said, and the meaning behind it, it is clear that Hippocrates was a firm believer in good food being good for the body.

It is true that eating clean has many health benefits to this day. Not only does it fight diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, cancer and more, but it just gives you plenty of energy and keeps your body working like a well oiled machine. Want proof? Hippocrates was between 82 years old and 90 years old when he died. That was during a time when the life expectancy was an average of 30–45 years.

3. “Garbage in, garbage out.” George Fuechsel

This one speaks for itself, sort of. You could take it as disgustingly literal, if you choose. But I choose to look at it from a more metaphorical angle.

I don’t usually eat greasy foods. A couple of weeks ago, I spent an entire day and night out on the road, and I ended up eating fast food three times in a row. The next day I felt miserable. My stomach felt sick, my skin broke out, I was lethargic despite a full night sleep, and I was irritable. Garbage went in, and when I opened my mouth to speak a lot of garbage came out due to general irritability. When you feel better, you act better. That is what I take from this quote.

4. “I have to make sure I exercise and that the ingredients that go into my body are completely organic.” Janice Dickinson

OK, it isn’t the most dynamic quote, or the most credible source. She is kind of a mess, as most people will say. But the woman is almost 60… seriously. All in all, while she has had work done, at least some of her looks and health have to be attributed to lifestyle. I don’t care what anyone says, Janice Dickinson looks amazing for her age.

5. “The first time I tried organic wheat bread, I thought I was chewing on roofing material.” Robin Williams

Sometimes, we have to laugh at ourselves and our aims to live better lives. Sure, comedian Robin Williams wasn’t impressed with his first foray into organic foods. But, hey, at least he tried it. And many of us would completely disagree with his assessment. (Who knows what he was really eating?)

Have a quote about organic living to share? Let us know in the comments!

Note: Thanks to Quoto for providing the above quotes.

Image Credits: courgette in bloom and goat published under a CC license.

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