5 Acre Marijuana Farm Found and Destroyed in Redwood National Park

A vista in Redwood National ParkOn Wednesday a 5 acre marijuana farm located in Redwood National Park was raided by over 60 park rangers and other cooperating law enforcement officials. The farm was located less than six miles away from the world’s tallest tree. It is the first major marijuana growing operation to have been found in the well-known park.

The marijuana farm was located near an area known as Redwood Creek and contained an estimated 9,564 plants. They were immediately chopped down and removed by helicopter. A drug operation such as this one can be very hazardous to the environment as chemicals and fertilizers can significantly pollute park habitats. In a press release the National Park Service explained that “a graphic information system specialist went in with the raid teams for the first time in NPS history to perform an immediate evaluation of the impacts to natural resources during the raid. This documentation will be very beneficial for the restoration process.”[social_buttons]

The plants growing on the illegal drug farm were estimated to be worth about $35 million dollars. The operation was first seen by an airplane flying above several weeks ago, and consequently the park’s staff was notified promptly. It is unclear for how long the farm had been operating.

Several Mexican citizens, 4 men and a woman, have been detained by law enforcement officials for questioning and are possibly connected to the operation. On the same day as the raid in the park, law enforcement officials also carried out several additional raids on growing operations nearby. Illegal drug operations are becoming increasingly more common in the U.S. inside and near national parks and forests. Raids are becoming a necessity.

An article published several days ago in USA Today quoted the director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy as saying that 75%-80% of marijuana grown outdoors is on state or federal land. Mexican drug cartels are thought to be increasingly responsible for these illegal operations in national parks and on other protected lands. Smuggling drugs across the U.S.-Mexico border has become more challenging for them.

Other national parks where large marijuana farms have also recently been found and shut-down include North Cascades National Park in Washington and Sequoia National Park in California.

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Photo Credit: Michael Schweppe on Flickr under a Creative Commons license

79 thoughts on “5 Acre Marijuana Farm Found and Destroyed in Redwood National Park”

  1. Not too long ago I heard about an underground tunnel from so Cal to mexico being raided for some tons of marijuana. That was a good supply all destroyed!

  2. Seems that some folks who posted got sidetracked from the park topic, to the drug topic.

    But on that tangent – been there, done that. And if anything, leave it confined to a home, with stiff penalties for using it on the job or while driving. Actually, with the harms of smoke inhalation known, I’m surprised that medical cards for Cannibis are not limited to other than burning and inhaling.

    Back to the park misuse …

    Seems that the growers did not do much homework for locations. One of the redwood parks is probably the worst possible selection for an illegal growing operation, considering all the monitoring and study going on for ongoing restoration.

    These marijuana groves do significant damage. I was at 3 of them up in Oregon, and saw how the growers cut down trees and vegetation, and make hillsides unstable.


  3. All of you are dumb. You read all the BS that marijuana is good for you. You should huff paint thinner its cheaper and you get higher. Who cares if you become retards you are already half way there. I all ready see the increase of alcohol and marijuana together with vehicle accidents. They should also legalize cocaine and meth. Its bad for you but who cares everything should be legal,right. Thats right marijuana is good for you and has 100% of your daily vitamins. Read the facts before you post.. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Thanks to everyone here for jumping on this AKA douche bag. Screw everyone in this country that thinks like that, I’m very glad to see the mentality gradually changing; and these comments exhibit that. Maintain hope, enlightened ones!!! Our day will come…

  5. haha, I’m also glad to see that everyone else is calling AKA on his bullshit post.

    I’d like to hear where your facts came from because they are total BS. Pot is much safer than any legal drug out there right now.

    Deaths caused by marijuana a year = 0
    Deaths caused by aspirin = 500

    Any kid can buy aspirin. Learn your facts. Then try to post something intelligent.

  6. Hmmmm. Impact on the environment?

    Sounds like to me the only thing that impacted the forest park was the fact that 10k plants were forcefully removed. Common, really? A plant destroying a forest? That’s the greenest picture I think I’ve ever seen, there’s no dying trees there.

    Not to mention Marijuana is a seasonal plant, meaning when it dies, the nutrients go RIGHT BACK INTO THE SOIL.

  7. AKA, you need to do your research and stop believing the government. There have been studies proving marijuana is not bad for your brain (http://www.webmd.com/mental-health/news/20030701/heavy-marijuana-use-doesnt-damage-brain)or your lungs (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/05/25/AR2006052501729_pf.html)These are legitimate articles from web-md and the Washington Post. Also, there is proof that marijuana can help fight cancer (http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn14451-marijuana-takes-on-colon-cancer.html?feedId=online-news_rss20) and can help cancer patients (http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Support/marijuana). Your conclusions are invalid because you cannot back them up with sources. Please do not try to pass off your misguided opinions as fact.

  8. it’s a shame the feds have declared war on plants, especially cannabis, the world’s most prolific plant.

    The ‘war on (some) drugs’ was declared after the north won the civil war and outlawed slavery, so the feds outlawed the *naturally growing substances* that minorities were using instead of the white man’s alcohol, so they could stuff their prisons with nonviolent minority offenders. To replace the lost slave labor with prison labor.

    Read tinyurl.com/1mn and tinyurl.com/potconviction to see the history of nonmedicinal drug use in the US.

  9. Your an artard
    get your facts straight because you need to learn to think before you speak, or even research. For every fact you can find, I can find one proving it wrong by a lagitimate study

  10. their is nothin wrong with smokin the bud i can drive 100 times better after smoking a blunt than i can after a couple of shots fuck the government i am not giving up pot for anything.

  11. Marihuana is only allowed in Holland.. And even the rules/laws created for this aren’t really usefull because the coffeeshop owners still cant buy it legally.

  12. Ok. Marijuna does have side effects. Hate to tell you guys. But as an avid pothead I am happy to say they are mild compared to that of ciggarettes, alcohol, and other rightfully legal and dangerous drugs. Before you go and fight on either side, please, please, know the facts and stop looking like an asshole.

  13. One question for all you pot-heads out there, why do it? It has become the most laughable question I have ever heard answered by a drug addict. I say the same question to alcoholics and all other forms of “disorders of society” that you can come up with from your withering minds. It is illegal in the United States, get over it. Move out if you don’t like it. Not a single one of you people has a right to even begin to complain or even hold a half-hearted arguement. But then again, I guess the pot you smoke is saving you from cancer, or whatever bullshit you cook up while you’re high. I make it a point in my life to look down at the pitifulness that is your addiction. I’d rather give money to a bum so he can get alcohol then give it to some punk-ass who can’t seem to understand his own place in the world. I’m pretty sure every retard here was taught what “No” means. That’s why you don’t see an alcoholic saying anything on these forums. He knows he’s doing something wrong. Maybe your moralities will kick back in 20 years from now, if you haven’t imploded from such ignorance. Good day children and adults who will never grow up. May you find substance in yourselves someday.

    Most Popular Answers
    I think you all can answer this for yourself. That and because I feel I’ve wasted enough of my time on this ethical cleansing of retardation.

  14. 2 obvious lessons here:

    1) Illegal aliens are a much bigger menace than the open-borders lobby wants us to believe, and we need to get serious stopping unsustainable immigration, which is no longer just a theoretical threat to the redwoods.

    2) Marijuana is not entirely “harmless” but its prohibition is stupid.

  15. N6MIW said “I agree with all of the replies to AKA. We need to legalize marijuana. I like the fact that my teenage daughter (now 18) hangs out with her friends and listens to records or MP3s…they could be doing much worse things. They stay out of trouble. She is an honor role student and a great speaker to the public.”

    And you would be willing to have it legalized and convey the message that it’s “okay” for your daughter to smoke it?

    Almost Speechless, don’t cite tobacco and alcohol related deaths. Marijuana may or may not be less dangerous than tabacco or alcohol but tobacco and alcohol doesn’t cause people to loose control of their motor skills or induce psychoactive affects, when used in moderation at least. But then again you can get high simply by breathing too fast.

  16. ITT: potheads pissing & moaning

    I say impose the dead penalty on those caught in these raids. That’ll teach em’. Unless there are serious repercussions for this type of illegal activity then the fuckers will continue to do it. What pisses me off is some of these people defend these areas they plant on with firearms. As if they have dominion over them, as if they have sovereignty. That’s clear grounds to fire at will in my book. Shipping their asses back over the border clearly isn’t working, and imprisonment is only a bigger drag on the economy.

    To the dumbass that said it wouldn’t be a problem if it were legal. It’s illegal for a reason, it’s extremely addictive and destroys peoples lives and the lives of those around them. The government could give a shit less about what you do on your time, but when it has a chain reaction that affects the entire nation, it becomes their problem. It is a poison of the mind and a poison of the nation that puts a burden on everyone. I shouldn’t have to pay your fucking welfare because you chose to get shit faced and smoke pot instead of going to school. And I’m working on my degree, so don’t anyone dare call me a hypocrite.

    Furthermore, since these cartels seem hell bent on desecrating our national forests and sanctuarys, intimidating the residents of small towns, and selling pot to our children. We should suspend all trade and immigration with Mexico until they have dealt with the problem, indefinitely.

  17. “Raids are becoming a necessity” assumes that it is necessary to bust the sale and distribution of marijuana. It’s a harmless drug–rethink “necessity.”

    I do, however, commiserate with the notion that farming one-crop marijuana in this national park may have reduced the natural biodiversity in the park or threatened species…

  18. Wether we agree that MJ should or shouldnt be leagalized is beside the point of the article. I have seen the damage first hand, that illegal growing operations do to MY (and your) forests. The trash, fertilizers, erosion, and…Oh yeah guys carrying guns! But Im sure it for self protection.
    Granted, legalization would solve this problem. But in the mean time, I’d rather not have to worry about encounters with these folks when I want to take a hike.

  19. I agree with all of the replies to AKA. We need to legalize marijuana. I like the fact that my teenage daughter (now 18) hangs out with her friends and listens to records or MP3s…they could be doing much worse things. They stay out of trouble. She is an honor role student and a great speaker to the public.

    BTW – Legalize hemp and stop associating it with pot. It could help a lot of our power concerns. Try smoking some hemp rope sometime…it’ll give you a headache! Brazil uses sugar cane, we can use hemp.

  20. wat the fuk!!!!!!! no matter what the government does 2 stop,ppl 4rm smokin up! ppl will smoke,knw wat i mean- some one who wants to smoke will smoke~no can do nething abt it! so?????

    betta legalize it!

  21. Almost Speechless

    Unbelievable, that people like AKA are still out there, I would bet AKA is a bigot as well.

    Here are the numbers 450.000 die from Tobacco related deaths, 150.000 from alcohol related deaths and 100.000 from prescription drug deaths.The total number of people to die from illegal drugs and this is the whole gambit 10.000 now you go look that up then come back and try and explain it once again.

    Doesnt it least make you a little bit curious that while we occupy Afghanistan there opium production has gone up 300% since we have been there, do you really think thats some coincidence? The pharma companies own this place, and anything thats going to effect there bottom line will not be tolerated. Its just simple math, nothing extraordinary here.

  22. Cannabis has a ton of medicinal values, or the fda would not have approved marinol, a synthetic version of THC, the active ingredient of cannabis. As a counselor for an HIV organization I have seen the benefits. People going from 110lbs to 180lbs. People being able to handle toxic combinations because the cannabis provides them with relief from nausea and other issues.

    AKA, your definitely clueless and not a medical practitioner or a scientist. To verify this, this month at the hospital I volunteer at has seen no cannabis issues and an average of 2 prescription drug issues a day and 11 alcohol related issues or injuries (from dui’s) daily. I have seen more people come in for health issues from a poor diet and smoking cigarettes than anything else.

    Legalization for medical use is needed, and if we can get drunk legally, why can’t we use cannabis for recreation? Is this not a free country?

    This growing on public land must stop. It is usually black market growers that would be out of business if people could have their own plant or two in their back yard.

    Legalization ends prohibition. But it also ends a huge amount of high end law enforcement jobs. (Gee maybe we could balance our budget in California if we taxed it?)

  23. AKA, your opinions are not based on facts you ignorant twit. Your comment screams, “I am an idiot.” Please go drink yourself to death.

  24. and please don’t come here with “facts” you got off the FDA website…that is like listening to McCain talk about his POW history

  25. AKA you do not know what you’re talking about. Tobacco kills 480,000 Americans yearly. Alcohol kills 80,000. Hell, even caffeine kills more people than heroin and cocaine combined.

    The funny thing is that marijuana has not killed a single person. It’s impossible to overdose on it (you would’ve to ingest about 110/120 pounds to overdose).

    There hare more and more research on cannabis, and they have found out that there are health benefits. It can work as an antibiotic, it relieves pain (headaches/migraine, menstrual pain, nausea etc.), it can help people with leukemia, cancer or HIV/AIDS.

    The problem is that there are so many people in the western world today who have swallowed all that anti-drug-propaganda. Just look up Harry J. Anslinger and see what he did. Read the story behind it and you’ll soon see it’s a war based on racism and lies.
    Yeah, it’s sad.

  26. WTF OVER??? —AKA said on September 14th, 2008 at 7:48 pm —
    I need to have u back some of that up with some sort of footnote so we can make sure youre giving us the “FACTS”…cuz i dont think you have any.

    Tell me about the Cancers, uh, please… there isnt any..read ur books and dont skim thru them. There is NOT 1 CASE OF CANCER EVER ASSOCIATED with consumption of weed. Though smoking can cause a Pre-cancerous looking leisons in the wind-pipe that never goes on to become cancerous, so thats the only dangerous aspect of the herb which is mostly caused from the burning of vegetive matter or papers in a joint. This easily remedied or reversed by cutting back on consumption rate.
    You seem to be the one lacking the sense of reality, what freaking planet are u on? What you wrote has no credible or substantial backing, youre just the pissed off typical non-user who has no clue and is speaking out their ass. Maybe you should try it and see what happens, or wait, no dont, youre already skewed enough to not know the facts and yet you want to preach them. Maybe its YOU who doesnt have a life or a library pass or the right of mind to read a book on weed or medicinal herb before you comment. Your words are complete MOOT. Read a book by Jack Herer, author of the book The Emperor Wears No Clothes, if you can read that and come back with something from one of the Books YOU HAVE READ, please note something worthy and make all of us who have a better education and sense of reality sit here and ponder such great wisdom, because it yet has not hit the mainstream news and we need to be enlightend.
    There are breakthroughs in research each month on the many medicinal values locked within this plant and you, like most of us, if not all, could benefit from. Your body produces its own form of cannibinoids, look that up, maybe you would want to explain how you & I have such receptors sites in our bodys that are specifically designed to benefit from this plant like non other on the planet.
    Get out, go to a Hempfest, talk to real people and get real information before you say such things full of Crap..get your facts before you state “facts”, and Jacks book, is full of great facts and history. Enjoy and peace and love to you, we still love you as a human even tho youre as stupid as a rock, AKA-poster.

  27. @AKA

    “If you cant really handel pressure or life then you shouldnt be living”

    So you suggest people commit suicide rather than smoke marijuana and then (at some point) go to rehab? Wow.

    If it came to a vote would you vote for prohibition of alcohol? What about all the liver and brain damage that’s been done (not to mention drunken beatings and car accidents) through alcohol consumption?

    I can see that you really don’t have the facts on the legalization movement.

  28. aka, man that is a lot of hate, im sorry that the simple deed of taking a plant that probaly was here before humans, drying it and then smoking it, awakes so much anger in you. so here it goes, i will now as a pothead, write a responce to you post, ill hope you will read it, and i promise it will be as hate free as i can make it.
    oi do consider myself having a little sense, and i know that weed is bad, as i know junk food, alcohol and cigarettes is, but the way i see it, thoose and a few more related but non “bad” things is the very things that give life a little twist and fun.
    and i do very well see all of your points, but really dont you think there are other stuff you should focus on, than a plant that makes people hungry and happy. i do not think that weed is going to be the root to the fall of humanity.
    on the health related issues i am a bit confused, canser is a product of the tobacco mixed in or the general smoke i think, and i would say cigarttes is the real devil here, and its a medical product? sure it sedates your braincells and makes you all “whats going on???” but after a half year of non toking, your back to normal. oh yeah you talk about the real hard facts of people going to the ER due to weed, can you please post them and your other sources, not that i dont belive you but i am interested in finding out the numbers:)
    you also seem quite angry with the excuse that it is natural, well it is, maybe not as much anymore as it have been manipulated to make it more potent, but it is still a plant that grew in the side of the roads back in the days. and while i agree that it is not an excuse to smoke it just because it is natural, it is something to think about, when did we humans think that we could decide be rules what should grow in the ground, honestly where have the general belief in humanity gone, there are so many freakin rules these days, you can in my country honestly get a ticket, if you as a construction worker havent got a chapstick on you. sry for the hate but i just feel like all of these rules and the constantly making of new ones, makes us human more likely to follow the road that everybody else has and will.
    okay and rehab from weed, im 19, i started smoking when i was 16, started smoking everyday when i was 18 and did dad for around 9 months, and i will say i felt quite addicted, one day i decided to take a break during my exams, and sure the first couple of days where if nothing else iritating, couldnt sleep, thought a lot about smoking and was a bit hatefull against everyone, but after 3 days i felt fine, and it actually wasn’t that hard, just takes an inch of actual willpower to stop. and then after i had passed my exams i started smoking again not because i had to, but because i like it. people in weed rehab, i would say it is a bit much.

    all in all, what people do in their homes, in their freetime is their buissnes, and unless it harms other people, i cant see why anyone should care. especially when the subject is a plant, and not terror, war, polution or the many other FAR more stupid thing we as humanity have going on.
    to end of i have choosen to quote a wise little man: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” so dont be scared of marijuana it normaly leads to you beeing happy and hungry, wich isn’t that bad, seeing that some people could use that:)

    irk, in europe our take on cannabis isn’t that good, we got like one country (netherlands) where its legal, and they have just banned tobacco, and shrooms (though i understand the shrooms!) so look where that is going… rest of the EU countries its banned, some places legal for medical treatment, but it is a very short list of diseases it aplies to.

  29. AKA, you are and idiot.

    You have obviously never smoked marijuana before. People, in the ER for smoking weed? Seriously, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I would also assume the large majority of people in rehab for marijuana are there against their will (perhaps a court sentence ie. slap on the wrist for getting caught). Personally, I smoked weed every day for about half a year, and then at the push of a button I stopped instantaneously. I will attribute that to my super human ability to withstand any form of addiction, since as you probably already know, marijuana is extremely addictive.

    Stop getting your facts on something you no
    absolutely nothing about from your grandma and bad 1930’s movies.

  30. This is hilarious: an article on how idiot illegal immigrant pot-growers have been ruining our protected national forests and the first commenter can only think to demand legalization between tokes. lol.
    It’s unfortunate that we have people as irresponsible as this, but do you truly think that this would not happen with the legalization of a will-depriving drug? The fact is these criminals simply wouldn’t get caught, since the creation of a legal market would only make the black market more competitive, and nothing’s cheaper than illegally immigrating and using the peoples’ free land.

  31. AKA: You forget that the reason more people are in rehab for marijuana (I’m making the assumption here that your statement is true- true or not) is that the government has sent them to rehab in the first place (for breaking the law). It has nothing to do with wanting to get off the substance-or not being able to “just quit”. Unlike cigarettes you don’t have to get “off it” since it isn’t addictive in the way cigarettes are. At least not the way the majority smokes it-infrequently. I believe you are right if you were to say it has 10 times the nicotine of cigarettes though. Interpreting the reality is different than reading biased statistics handed to you by government or educators. By the way-no I don’t smoke the weed even on occasion anymore. I have smoked it though- I know people who smoke it regularly- and I know people who smoked it regularly and just stopped. It does cost money and in my opinion isn’t that great. That is why I stopped. It wasn’t even a conscious decision. One day I just didn’t smoke it anymore. Yea- so it isn’t addictive.

  32. To AKA:

    I’d first like to point out that it’s extremely difficult to take your argument seriously when all I can focus on is your abysmal grip on the English language. Why should I respect your opinion if you can’t even muster the skills to properly express it? Your arguments are undeveloped and sloppy, and you’ve failed to include any hard evidence to back your beliefs.

    “If anyone has any sense then they would realize that any form of administiring marijuana into the body is dangerous.”

    Yeah, sure, they just keep all the yearly pot-brownie fatalities on the down-low. Spread the good word, Sobriety Soldier! (sarcasm)

    “There are more side effects from marijuana than alcohol and and cigarettes combined. This is not soley my opinion but it is facts and my opinion is based on facts.”

    How do you figure? Show me where you’re stumbling upon these “facts” and maybe I’ll start to take you seriously. Are marijuana-induced side effects responsible for more deaths than alcohol and cigarettes, too? I doubt that. I doubt that very much.

    Alcohol is responsible for more fatal traffic incidents than marijuana. It’s safer to drive high on marijuana than drunk. I drive high all the time, but I would NEVER drive drunk.
    Cancer due to cigarette usage is far more likely than from pot.
    What about nicotine addiction?

    McDonald’s drive-through has more negative side effects on the human body (and society as a whole than marijuana). Perhaps the legality of fast food should be brought to question. How about peanut butter? Think of all the allergic reactions we could put an end to if peanuts and related products were outlawed?
    Or automobiles! We could just make those illegal. They’re responsible for a lot of deaths. Do you consider the risks before joy riding?

    The damage caused by alcohol abuse greatly outweighs that caused by marijuana. It is my opinion that most of the negative effects of marijuana on our society could be eliminated with its legalization, though I doubt that will happen any time soon.

    “No problem would be solved by leagalizing it, all it would do is make you pot heads less suseptible for being arrested and be able to obtain it cheaper and easier than it already is.”

    I disagree. I believe a great many issues could be solved. The government could stop wasting tax dollars on a war against weed that isn’t worth fighting. New avenues in medical research and development could be opened. Growth and sale could be regulated, making distribution and consumption safer for the public. A tax could be applied, benefiting our government. Farmers would gain a new and profitable cash crop in hemp. Ethanol derived from hemp could help with the growing energy crisis. New jobs could be created in the manufacturing and distribution of hemp and related products. Overall, our economy could see considerable gains.

    “Dont give me the its all natural crap either casue if you do then go smoke some weeds or dirt or leaves for chirsts sake ok so natural doesnt mean it should be legalized either so just shut up.”

    What is this? You make so many illogical jumps in this sentence I don’t know where to start trying to break it down.

    “so natural doesnt mean it should be legalized either”

    Where do you draw this conclusion from? Nothing from the first half of your sentence supports that. You’re just saying things without any basis.

    But for the record, I’d totally smoke dirt and leaves if they had any sort of mind altering affect. Just like I’d eat rocks if my body could extract any nutritional gains from them.

    “If you cant really handel pressure or life then you shouldnt be living or go play a video game, get a job, take a walk, exercise, dont take the cheap hazardous way out by doing drugs, get a grip on life and wake up to reality and start becoming responsible for your own life and problems.”

    I am a well-rounded, intelligent, and fully functional member of society. Life has its ups and downs, which I handle accordingly. I do not rely on smoking to alleviate stress. I play video games, work a job, and attend college. I jog (on average) around 8 miles a day. I also smoke recreationally. It’s a fun way to connect with friends while exploring myself and my world. In my opinion—based on what experience and research have lead me to believe as fact—the positive gains of marijuana usage outweigh the negative. I whole-heartedly believe that smoking has made me a better person, but I do not force my lifestyle upon anyone. In return, I believe that I should have the right to choose my own lifestyle. However, our government’s restrictions on marijuana directly hamper my ability to do so.

    I’ll be the first to say that smoking is not for everyone. Like alcohol and cigarette consumption, I believe smoking marijuana requires a great deal of responsibility. I recognize the risks of pot. However, I believe that I should have the right to endure those risks.

    I do not support other drugs like heroin, meth, crack, etc. I believe these drugs do a great deal of damage to those that use them, and to our society as a whole.

  33. Holy hell,

    A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I were camping up by Big Bend lodge on the eel river, and as we walked upstream we stumbled across several marijuana plants on the shore. We thought it was a crazy thing to find at the time, but it all makes sense.

    We were less then 2 miles from The World’s Largest Tree, and with the up stream walking…We managed to stumble across offspring from this huge operation all coincidentally! And then it gets busted weeks later. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?

    I am stunned by this coincidence, and that it all happened like it did.

    -Kid Hiker.

  34. AKA

    u suck at life

    the only reason its illegal is because of false propaganda designed to keep alchohol and paper companies on top. u wont understant anything i type causeits far too complex for you but why dont you just look it up. ill make a short list.
    -can stop global warming cause it takes in more co2 than most plants
    -it can stop deforestation because it takes one acre of hemp to make as much paper as 4 acres of trees and only takes a season to grow vs. 20 yrs
    -safer that alcohol
    -cant kill you
    -could be taxed for revenue
    -we could save 15billion if we stopped trying to fight it
    -it will never go away
    -it will Never go away
    -and if used with an herbal vaporiser has no side effects and is healthier than any thing else you could smoke

    oh and it fights cancer altzyemers anorexia sleep disorders gulecoma and lowers blood pressure.

    this probably wont prove anything to u cause ur a close minded old fart that sticks to what he was taught in school. open your eyes see the truth and dont belive everything mommy and daddy told you. P.S. the tooth fairy isnt real either.
    feel free to respond to this but youll only be talking to yourself cause i probly wont come back to have this petty fight with you.
    have an nice day =)

  35. AKA, i am a frequent pot smoker, and personally I don’t appreciate your ignorant bash on weed one bit. First off, if you look up LEGIT facts you’ll see that weed is no where near as bad for you as alcohol and cigarettes are, and secondly the reason so many people are in rehab for marijuana, is not because they need rehab, but instead because they were caught smoking weed and the court forced them to take rehab classes. So next time you want to bash something that is no where near as bad as your trying to make it, look more into it so you don’t sound like an idiot.

  36. AKA, smoke a doobie, relax, maybe you are the one who needs to chill or your gonna have a heart attack, get a grip on your life mate..
    be responsible…

  37. Hey AKA-

    Putting anything into your body is dangerous. You may choke.

    ER visits exist because of misinformation- you should NEVER need to visit a hospital because of marijuana. At worst, you’ll be dizzy and tired, symptoms with an obvious origin, symptoms no hospital should be asked to treat.

    Marijuana is not physically addictive. I smoked it daily for months before I spent a year traveling in China, during which I smoked no marijuana. I experienced no withdrawal symptoms.

    Look at the subjective truths, not the “real hard facts”, and you’ll find that banning a substance, thereby creating a source of income for anti-societal outlaws and criminalizing members of society who are either self-medicating or adventurous or creative, can only be the result of political interests, not logic.

  38. AKA,

    uhh… what facts exactly are you talking about? Maybe you should list some sources. The prescription drug pushers are causing more harm than the marijuana growers.

  39. @AKA
    SHUT THE HELL UP!!You have absolutely no idea what the hell you are talking about. Alcohol,for one, is the cause for like 40% of deaths in the world, and screws your body up like 80% more than ganja ever will. cigarettes will screw you up even more! They add like ammonia, cyanide, and all these chemicals just so you get addicted to them. Does weed have any foreign substances in it? Unless it’s laced, no.So asshole before going on a rant get your facts straight and have a bowl.you need one.

  40. hahaha,I bet AKA works for the big tobacco and alcohol administrations.More people in the ER and probation programs over marijuana than any other drug,wow that must be some crazy wonderful reality you live in pal.People die from alcohol on a daily basis,weather they are the one’s drunk or not,are you really that blind to reality,or just really that ignorant and scared?

  41. Hey AKA, sorry but if you lack the cognitive ability to do something as trivial as constructing a coherent paragraph free of 7-year old spelling attempts, then I’m really not interested in your opinion on pretty much anything. On top of that the statements you wrote make it quite clear that you don’t know anything about what you are talking about at all.

  42. Cancer is a Government conspiracy… and This is not solely my opinion but it is facts and my opinion is based on facts. If you cant really handle pressure or life then you should be smoking pot. ook at the real hard facts and how many people visit the ER each year due to marijuana and look at the hard numbers on how many people are in intervention and groups and rehab due to marijuana because there are none at all.. Marijuana ia a healer not a stealer. by doing drugs, get a grip on life and wake up to reality and start becoming responsible for your own life and problems.

  43. AKA, if you lack the ability to do something as trivial as writing a concise and coherent paragraph, then your opinion means squat. Your comment makes it quite clear that you have never seen any “hard facts” regarding marijuana and all of your information is either propaganda that you were dumb enough to accept blindly or just some half-wit opinion you pulled out of your a$$. Get off the computer and go back to watching your family on the Maury show.

  44. AKA, can you source any of those ‘side effects’? im curious on where you find your information. i’m pretty sure you’ve succumbed to the societal view of marijuana.

  45. AKA:

    ask your lawyer if he had a toke before the day began. More than likely, and from testimonials from most of my lawyer friends, is that a “toke is how they start the fucking day!!!!

    Get your head out of your ass!!!

    There’s a reason why you see this drug used in every sitcom on the devil tube theses days…

  46. Aka, you make me laugh. How can you even compare pot to alcohol? How can you compare it to a cigarette? Let’s look at a REAL FACT: No one has EVER died of a pot over dose in the history of it’s use. There has never been a reported over dose or death ever. If you over dose on pot the worse thing you do is eat to much and sleep. Alcohol kills people through substance abuse, and cigarettes are KNOWN to cause cancer. I’d like to know where you get your info at on pot. Link me a site with actual facts that say a person has been kills by smoking to much pot and I’ll stop tomorrow.

    There are not more people in substance abuse groups due to pot. Pot isn’t physically addictive. It’s not like alcohol. And every one knows groups like AAA is bs! 5% Success rate for graduation a year for thousands of people. Come on. It even goes so far to be partly religious organization as well.

    Personally I don’t think you know any thing. Please learn the facts or attempt to learn facts when you compare something like pot, something Canada put in the same category as Naproxsen. Give me a break.

    We wouldn’t have people growing on federal land if it were legal. Yep, take a toke, you’ll feel better, because you are right.. pot does have more side effects! Like helping nausiation, dulling pain, helping a person eat, helping them sleep… and so forth.

    Remember, not 1 documented death ever.

  47. “Look at the real hard facts and how many people visit the ER each year due to marijuana” [citation needed]

    AKA, as BLT said, chill the fuck out and only concern yourself with your own health. I’ll do the same.

  48. AKA, you are a fool. Please take some time from your “responsible” life to be responsibly informed on the subject before you diarrhea from your mouth again.

  49. AKA

    The reason there are more people in rehab is because marijuana is the most widely used illicit substance in the world. It is a CRIME to be caught with marijuana and one of the penalties for being caught is rehab. Marijuana carries less risk of dependancy and less health risk than alcohol. Have you ever heard of someone getting THC poisoning? No? Well thats because you would have to smoke more than 1500Kg of weed in 15 minutes to reach dangerous levels. There is no reason whatsoever for it to remain illegal. For one thing think of all the criminal enterprises it currently funds and think of how much your government (i am assuming you are amreican) spends each year on enforcement of marijuana laws. Imagine if you didn’t have to spend any of your tax dollars on fighting it AND the government could tax the sale of marijuana!

    As for it being a way out of life problems. As someone who has had experience with both alcohol and marijuana, as i am sure many have had, alcohol is a much better way of forgetting your problems than weed.

    The most dangerous thing about smoking marijuana is getting caught.

    Legalize Please.

  50. AKA,

    I’m sorry to have to be the one to break this to you, but you are retarded. yes, I said it. You are absolutely retarded.

    People in rehab for Marijuana are usually criminal offenders taking a plea. A short in patient stay instead of an extended clip in prison.

    People in the “Er” because of pot are generally sent there because of anxiety caused by the fact that it is illegal. The medical community has a term for them…. G.O.M.E.R (look it up in your funk and wagnall)

    Go do some research on Harold Anslinger and William Randolph Hearst. While you’re at it, check any and all medical studies that you use as “proof” and see what the protocols used were. Oh, also while you are checking the protocols look up “the scientific method”.

    Last but certainly not least think for yourself, and dont’t parrot what your pastor says you ignorant piece of shit.

  51. If you honestly think that people go to emergency room EVER because of marijuana, then, well you just need to stop making stuff up.

  52. AKA, you are misinformed. More side effects than alcohol and ciggs?….I would consider alcohol poisoning that can essentialy cause your brain to forget to pump your heart a failry serious side effect…and that whole lung cancer thing that cigs cause is pretty serious too. No one ever went to the hospital for smoking too much weed, much less was harmed by the so-called side effects (that you never mention).

    Overcrowded prisons would be solved. State and local government underfunding for education could be solved. Lack of police offcers patrolling for serious crimes and not petty drug offenses could be solved. It is used to treat cancer, it does not cause cancer. The side effects cause no harm and some are beneficial. Food you eat has side effects…that bag of Doritoes is more harmful and does more damage. Prescription drugs and OTC medication has far worse and far more side effects…have you ever read them? No one visits the ER for marijuana use unless they were tased during their arrest. The numbers in rehab? Those are court ordered and often charged to the taxpayers. Your argument is silly…stop tring to tell people what they can and can’t do to themselves.

  53. AKA,

    I think your argument is beside the point. Just because something is unhealthy, doesn’t give the government a reason (or the authority) to regulate it. Why would you want the government to run your life? McDonald’s is unhealthy, and there are many people who are obese. Should the government put them on a diet? How can the government have authority over someone’s body? If you want to do something to yourself, nobody, including our government should be able to stop you. After all, you own yourself.

    Where did freedom go?

  54. If anyone has any sense then they would realize that any form of administiring marijuana into the body is dangerous. There are more side effects from marijuana than alcohol and and cigarettes combined. This is not soley my opinion but it is facts and my opinion is based on facts. Sure theres no overdose but all i need to know is that the side effects and the health realted issues and caner issuse related to this drug that all you people seem to forget bout are enough for me to never have this drug by far having it legalized. No problem would be solved by leagalizing it, all it would do is make you pot heads less suseptible for being arrested and be able to obtain it cheaper and easier than it already is. Dont give me the its all natural crap either casue if you do then go smoke some weeds or dirt or leaves for chirsts sake ok so natural doesnt mean it should be legalized either so just shut up. Look at the real hard facts and how many people visit the ER each year due to marijuana and look at the hard numbers on how many people are in intervention and groups and rehab due to marijuana, there are more people in rehab for marijuana than all other drugs combined and its a shockingly high number. If you cant really handel pressure or life then you shouldnt be living or go play a video game, get a job, take a walk, exercise, dont take the cheap hazardous way out by doing drugs, get a grip on life and wake up to reality and start becoming responsible for your own life and problems.

  55. I do not like the fact that they were using my public national park for this. Definitely a no-no. And yes – if it were legal this wouldn’t be a problem.
    The USA needs to look at Europe’s take on cannabis. Much more effective.

  56. It’s a shame marijuana is illegal, especially considering the health benefits. Alcohol is so much more dangerous, and there are other drugs that ARE dangerous that need the government’s attention. LEGALIZE!

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