5 Absolutely Free Gardening Apps for the Android

Avid gardeners look at it as more than a hobby. It is a stress reliever, an enjoyable pastime, an activity for improving health, and a way of establishing self-reliance. The payoff — whether it is in flowers, plants or vegetables – is always rewarding, and it is a proud moment to see the results of all that hard work.

You can further explore your green thumb using modern technology, such as your Android smartphone. A number of apps have been created to help you plan your garden, learn about different plants, and give you crucial information for improving your experience — and your produce.

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Here are five of the best that you can use absolutely free.

1. Grow Journal

Grow Journal

Keep a log of your garden’s growth while learning all about 150 different plants, how they best grow, planting tips and even advice on compost.

There are two tiers to this app, with one being free and the other costing $2. The paid version allows you to post and save your own photos so people can see your plants and how they are progressing. In the demo version, you can see the app’s pictures of plants at different stages for comparison.

2. Garden Snob

Garden Snob

If you want some garden snobbery, you will find it here. Get the best tips, tricks and ideas from others who are just as serious about toiling the soil as you are. There is some wonderful information here as well as great pictures to browse.

3. Gardener


This is another nice little garden journal. It has a full planting schedule for you to set up, along with information about each plant so you can know the perfect time to get started and the best way to go about it. There is a separate feature for taking notes, where you can connect them to each plant to say how it is growing.

4. Flower Garden (beta)

Flower Garden (beta)

This is more of an entertainment app, but I always found it rather inspiring. You turn your desktop into a garden that you can customize. It grows over time, giving you a beautiful background that can give you ideas for your own, real garden. It is still in beta, but worth checking out.

5. Flowers Kidz

Flowers Kidz

Your children might be interested in helping out in the garden or starting their own little patch. Maybe it isn’t their thing, but they still need to learn to be careful not to undo your hard work. Whatever the case, this app will teach them all they need to know and maybe spark their curiosity in flowers and plants.

Do you have a favorite gardening app that you would like to share? Leave it in the comments!


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  1. I recommend checking out Inner Garden. It is a playground where you can design garden landscapes with accurately portrayed plants and architecture. I use it with kids who love it and learn to appreciate environment by playing with it.

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