4 International Conferences Discussing Green Energy

Following the events surrounding nuclear fallout in Japan last year, and the epic rise and fall of solar energy in the United States over 2012, the world is involved in a continuing conversation about exactly where the future of energy lies. Is nuclear power safe? Are wind and solar energy sources viable options for a heavily populated future? How long will oil reserves really last?

Understanding green energy is a formidable endeavor, requiring you to understand the many nuances that allow humanity to maintain a balance between a healthy Earth and a functioning modern society. Whether you’re a concerned citizen, a high-level energy executive, or anything in between, these four international conferences discussing green energy will help you to stay on top of this ever-evolving sector:

1. Power-GEN Middle East

Power-GEN Middle East

Held in one of the most oil-rich regions in the world, the Power-GEN Middle East conference aims to educate people from all areas of the energy industry on the steps needed to move forward in our consumption habits. Topics will range from the use of typical green energies like wind and solar in offsetting the use of fossil fuels, to more unconventional sources, such as geothermal energy production.

When and Where: Head off to exotic Qatar on the Persian Gulf from February 4-6, 2013 for this year’s Power-GEN conference, giving you access to some of the brightest minds in energy that the world has to offer!

2. EcoBuild London 2013

EcoBuild London 2013

The future of the developed world rests largely on our ability to construct durable, maintainable, and cleanly powered buildings, and the EcoBuild Conference will help you to explore every facet of how this can be achieved!

Open to both industry insiders and the general public, this conference will give you new insight into what it means to design and construct a clean building, teaching you about the future of the construction business as it works to become not only more Earth-friendly, but more efficient as well.

When and Where: Plan a trip to ExCel in London, England, in order to take in all that the EcoBuild conference has to offer from March 5-7, 2013 — you can even extend your stay by checking out furnished holiday rentals in London at Holidayapartments.net!

3. Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo

Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo

Join your peers and colleagues from around the industry in taking in keynotes and workshops headed up by some of the world’s most prominent energy leaders, helping to give you the best possible handle on where the sector in headed, in Europe and around the world.

When and Where: Beautiful and deeply historic Vienna, Austria, will be this year’s European host of the Renewable Energy World Conference and Expo from June 4-6, 2013, giving you the ability to immerse yourself in humanity’s goals past, present, and future as you learn about where our growing world’s energy sector is headed.

4. International Clean Energy Conference and Exhibition

International Clean Energy Conference and Exhibition

Everyone with a stake in the future of green energy, no matter how personal, is invited to attend this year’s International Clean Energy Conference and Exhibition, joining scientists, researchers, energy executives, engineers, and many others in discussing the latest developments in the energy sector.

Whether or not you have a professional stake in green energy, you’ll find valuable information and insight here on not only the future of the industry, but the future of the entire developed world as it moves away from fossil fuels and into the great unknown of alternative energy sources.

When and Where: Pay a visit to the Canadian capital city of Ottawa, Ontario from September 9-11, 2013, joining like-minded business people in sharing ideas and opinions about the future of clean, green energy.

Here’s the list of more greem conferences to consider and here are a few more green energy resources courtesy of DirJournal web directory.

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