20 Climate & Environmental Science Stories {Weekly Round-Up}

Here are some good environmental and climate science stories from around from the past week. Check ’em out:

From story #11, "Arctic Death Spiral: Second Lowest June Sea Ice Extent, Lowest June Volume"
  1. Great Barrier Reef Part 3: Acidification, Warming, and Past Coral Survival
  2. Report: Damages From Each New Ton Of Carbon Pollution May Be Practically Infinite By 2050
  3. Climate Change Reducing Ocean’s Carbon Dioxide Uptake
  4. Appropriations Bill Represents Unprecedented Attack on Environment
  5. Central and Eastern U.S. feel the heat
  6. OA not OK: Reservoir dogs
  7. OA not OK: The f-word: pH
  8. Clearing Up The Climate Debate with A Conversation
  9. The Climate Post: Worldwide Energy Shortages Triggered by Drought, Subsidies
  10. Rising Temperatures Melting Away Global Food Security
  11. Arctic Death Spiral: Second Lowest June Sea Ice Extent, Lowest June Volume
  12. It’s Obscenely Hot: June 2011 Heat Records Crush Cold Records by Nearly 11 to 1
  13. “Worst Food Crisis of the 21st Century” Driven by “Worst Drought in 60 Years” in East Africa, as Climate Change Makes Reduced Rainfall a “Chronic Problem”
  14. Olympic athletes at risk from London air pollution, artist’s film shows
  15. Wherever I lay my shell, that’s my home
  16. Great Barrier Reef Part 2: Climate Change Impacts
  17. Lessons from Past Climate Predictions: Syun-Ichi Akasofu
  18. Air Pollution Linked to Brain Damage and Depression
  19. U.S. warmer and drier than normal in June
  20. Somalia Drought Is ‘Worst Humanitarian Crisis’: U.N.

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