Great Posters from WWII — When Driving Was Considered Almost a War Crime


Should brave men die so you can drive? And what about innocents burning?

There is nothing new about our concern with the nonsense and destructiveness of our dependency on oil. Our gross needs for gas could be done away with, transformed to clean energy, or at least mitigated to a lesser need. By using mass transitbicycles, and as these posters below say, sharing our rides, carpooling, etc., we could be part of a transformation in society. Using solar and wind, we can supplement almost all other energy sources that take a big toll on life, young innocent lives.

Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil

Tree Hugger’s Llyold Atler recently critiqued Crude World: The Violent Twilight of Oil by Peter Maass. The book focuses on the problems with oil besides climate change (which is in and of itself enough of a problem). Because beyond the hug climate change story, there is another story, another big problem with oil, the disruption it causes in communities that are unprepared to deal with the sudden wealth that comes from sitting on top of it.

Peter Maass has visited those parts of the world, some of them places that very few people would dare to go, and has written about them. Where has our humanity gone as we devolve due to big oil’s enabling of dependencies and addictions to gas.

Regarding Crude World, Atler notes: “You really don’t have to get past the Contents page to learn what the book is about; the chapter titles are Scarcity, Plunder, Rot, Contamination, Fear, Greed, Desire, Alienation, Empire and Mirage.”

While we once had ads across the nation encouraging people to drive less in order to help with the war effort, as Lloyd also notes, we don’t see such ads trying to get people to dump oil in order to prevent global warming or stop the human suffering around the world that is documented in Crude Oil. Maybe we should have these ads running again:

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