10 Reasons to Visit NYWEA Annual Meeting and Exhibition This Year!

In a time when the climate and environment of our planet is constantly in mind for many of the world’s people, there are groups that are being pro-active in their efforts to help make our way of life sustainable.

These groups exist to bring together like-minded thinkers on environment topics of all kinds and there can be no topic more important than the state of the supply of the most valuable resource on the planet: water.

The New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) is one group working hard to preserve clean drinking water for people around the world, with their efforts towards scientific education and training regarding threats to local water supplies, pushing out a public promotion of water aimed at helping people to make decisions that, in turn, promote sustainability.

If you’re interested in the state of our most precious resource, whether from a personal or professional standpoint, here are 10 reasons that you should attend the upcoming 84th annual meeting and exhibition of the NYWEA!


1. Water is Humankind’s Biggest Necessity

Every person needs water to live; even only 72 hours without clean, healthy drinking water causes death; a good majority of our own bodies are made up of water and it takes a steady supply to healthily maintain them. While it may be acceptable to make some sacrifices in the name of industrial and technology advancement, our water supply cannot be one of them.

2. Learn More About the World’s Water Supply

Learn about the science of water and become informed about the complex state of drinking water belonging to seven billion people; while the NYWEA focuses closely on the state of the water supply in New York, its members and workshops reflect a global outlook.

3. Learn Water-Waving Techniques

Learn about the conversation and protectionist steps taken by manufacturing plants and other commercial enterprises while picking up new skills to help save water in the home.

4. Learn About Urban Infrastructure

Don’t judge a book by its cover! While we may often take infrastructure like our sewer systems and water supply route for granted, the systems behind them are more complex and interesting than you may think.

5. Build Your Resume

For professionals in a field where water is a daily concern, the NYWEA meeting and exhibition presents an opportunity to build your skill-set through educational workshops and materials aimed at making you better able to respond creatively to water-related issues.

6. Clean Manufacturing for the Future

A large part of the focus of the NYWEA annual meeting and exhibition is the damage being done by manufacturing to local water supplies, often via poor management of waste water. With more than 20 speakers touching on these issues, workshops and lectures are available to help you understand the water-conserving technology of the future.

7. Networking

Meet, greet and get to know people in a wide range of fields, growing your professional network and making new business contacts with like-minded men and women from around the world.

8. Learn About YOUR Water Supply

With a focus on North American water supplies and systems, NYWEA members are well-informed when it comes to the thousands of nearly independent but still connected water supply systems across the continent and can help you to better understand the state of the supply that feeds your very own taps.

9. Cash and Prizes

Students attending the NYWEA exhibition this year can take part in the first annual University Forum Poster Session, a contest with poster presentations outlining technical ideas related to the future of water conservation; there are cash prizes for first and second place!

10. Make a Difference!

Whether you’re the CEO of a manufacturing conglomerate concerned about the environment effects of business, a professional in a water-related field of work or simply a concerned citizen of the world, the effort towards conserving and protecting the world’s water supply begins with becoming informed and there is no better water protection event to attend in 2012 than the 84th annual NYWEA meeting and exhibition.

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