10 Crazy Statements about the BP Oil Spill from CEO Tony Hayward, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Don Young


Unfortunately, the BP oil spill in the Gulf isn’t helping everybody to learn from their mistakes (or the mistakes of those who they support). Tony Hayward, Sarah Palin (who increasingly reminds me of Paris Hilton), Rush Limbaugh and Representative Don Young have a host of ridiculously sad statements so far.

Don’t know if I should laugh or cry at these comments.

10. Republican Representative Don Young (AK): “This is not an environmental disaster, and I will say that again and again because it is a natural phenomena. Oil has seeped into this ocean for centuries.”

Care2 asks us all to speak up and send a letter to Rep. Young telling him to stop defending Big Oil.

9. Sarah Palin: “Radical environmentalists: you are damaging the planet with your efforts to lock up safer drilling areas. There’s nothing clean and green about your misguided, nonsensical radicalism, and Americans are on to you as we question your true motives.”

8. Sarah Palin again: “Extreme Greenies:see now why we push’drill,baby,drill’of known reserves&promising finds in safe onshore places like ANWR? Now do you get it?” [sic]

7. Rush Limbaugh: “This spill is nothing more than an opportunity for the left to continue to attack this country and to attack the people that make this country work.”

6. Rush Limbaugh again: “When do we ask the Sierra Club to pay for this leak?”

Image Credit: Douglas Coulter via flickr/CC license

66 thoughts on “10 Crazy Statements about the BP Oil Spill from CEO Tony Hayward, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Don Young”

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  2. Don Young. lol. What a great explanation he had. I like how he considers this a "natural phenomena" and uses the the word "Seeped" to compare to this disaster, as if there were massive natural oil spills like this long ago. Hope he's getting a big check from BP every month.

  3. BP, once known as Anglo-Persian Petroleum Co., was instrumental in getting Britain's MI5 and our CIA to crush Iran's democracy in 1953 and put the hated Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi back on the throne. BP deserves all the bad luck coming to them now. I hope they go out of business. As for those English pensioners who are seeing their BP investment go down the tubes, tough! You have plundered other peoples' wealth long enough. Starting with the Norman conquest, you Frenchified barbarians have looted, raped and murdered on a scale unprecedented in the world. It's time for England to sink to third world status. Better still, give the land back to the Saxons and self-destruct.

  4. Everyone needs to remember one simple fact. B P did not drill in 5000' of water simply because the environmentalists forced them to. They drilled there because; SURPRISE, SURPRISE, THAT'S WHERE THE OIL WAS!!

  5. This disaster was like an airliner crash…it's not any one thing but a series of failures in just the right order, at just the right time, in just the right environment. Separately, they wouldn't bring the plane down. But together the sum of the parts create a synergistic effect that is exponentially greater than the individual pieces. The facts that we DO know so far: the valve that failed was in a state of disrepair and had been for some time —perhaps weeks. The drill rig was bringing up pieces of rubber from the valve sealing mechanism — irrefutable evidence something down there was VERY, VERY WRONG! The BP official in charge on the rig ignored it…and the repeated warnings of geological engineers….and decided to not only discontinue operations at that time but to INCREASE the production of the well. 11 people lost their lives when these factors all converged to create an explosion that destroyed the rig and a good share of the equipment necessary to monitor, contain and eventually seal the well. Many more will lose their lives out of this incredible demonstration of hubris, greed, and blatant disregard for all things ethical: they are the people who have had their livelihoods completely destroyed just 6 years after Katrina…they are the wildlife that are migrating to their death in a muck that once was the richest marshland habitat on Earth…they are the cleanup workers who, like those at Ground Zero in NYC, will develop health problems from the toxic sludge they will be hip deep in as they breathe it and have it seep into their bodies through the skin like a transdermal death patch. Drilling where it's safer? Blaming the President., BP's CEO or the environmentalists? It's too early to even entertain these discussions. We need to mobilize the industrial power and ingenuity and financial resources of this country to one purpose first: stop the leak and concurrently do all that is possible to clean up and minimize the damage as best we can. That should be the only thing we focus on for the present. At a later time, we will sort out the other issues. Limbaugh, Palin, Howard and Young should use their considerable (self-opinioned) "intelligence" toward working the problem instead of their selfish ambitions. Or they can just go swim in the gulf with their colossal mouths open and remove all the oil that's spilled and spilling now. Is there no sense of decency, any more? Is there no sense anymore?

  6. Douglas, you wrote, "…like most Americans, this article is bias." What does this mean, that the article is "bias"? Do you mean that it has a particular bias or slant, or that ii is biased, or what?

  7. The root of the issue is not about America or the American, this is about what we can do and should be doing to protect the only planet where we can live in. Clearly we can't do away with development and destruction of the environment goes with it. What is happening now is we are trying to deviate away from addressing issue of WHAT WE COULD DO TO CURB THE EFFECT OF OILS SPILL IN THE GULF. My point is nothing that Sarah Palin or the others, your statement or my statement could change the fact of the spill. I was just hoping they should not refocus the issue and address what should be done to solve the problem.

  8. lol don't count on Beck to shut His mouth!He is still writing on His chalk board trying to show how Obama planned this oil leak and it is a big socialist muslim terrorist plot lol!

  9. How can anyone really comment to such idiotic statements! The scary part is that people actually give these people respect and the time of day.the comment that it is a natural event is priceless!

  10. Funny, if I noted a leak in equipment and still went on to use it I would be fired. BP had multiple events and the boss said keep going. By the way "mud" is not really mud. It is made up of chemicals that are now in the gulf. The dispersant also is chemicals including oil. All of this is mixing in the water and it gets worse by the day. We think it's bad and WE can't smell it! It's looking like pudding now.

    Look up Exxon Valdez. After 20 years dig down three inches and the oil is still there. Also the Supreme Court reduced what they had to pay. After 20 years many of the people had died. Don't expect too much from BP. They will do as little as possible.
    Palin added the safe "on land" drilling after this event. Remember her husband worked for BP. She was all for ocean drilling. There is film of her saying it over and over.
    As for Rush he is such a **** that who cares except for the Sierra Club. He has raised nearly $100,000 for them! Maybe he will get an award.

  11. Clearly these people are idiots, but I find it interesting that like most Americans, this article is bias. It seems to only focus on Republicans…where are the retarded Democrate comments; I guarantee there are a few out there. How about the fact that President Bush was a racist for taking 3 days to get to Louisiana (mostly because the govener of that great state told him that she had things under control) after hurricane Katrina (a REAL natural disaster)…..but nothing has been really said about our new fearless leader waiting over a week (had to get a game of golf in as I remember) to visit and then saying that it's BP's problem to fix. Isnt this OUR country?!?

  12. Okay – enough of the finger pointing and blaming the politicos. Let's talk responsibility for a moment. Remember when 'Business Ethics' wasn't an oxymoron? BP is responsible and will be held responsible! Why is this a partisan statement? Get on with the cleanup and fix the leak already!

  13. David A. Budka

    The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a disaster! While some environmentalists are overbearing, and unrealistic in their expectations, some conservatives pretend there is no problem at all! Firstly, nature has never given us something for nothing. Throughout modern humanity's evolution we have depended on carbon-based fuels. It will be no easy task changing that. Secondly, human activities put out an ever increasing amount of carbon dioxide, and some sort of (negative) climate change is likely to occur. Thirdly, the amount of oil pouring into the Gulf is not natural! Our society keeps going from one extreme to another.

  14. Engineer Greg

    The blow out occurred for the same reasons the last three deep sea blowouts happened. When transitioning from a drilling platform to a production platform, errors were made. Nothing was learned from the British accident or the South American accident. It took nine months and repeated misses to plug the last hole. The blowout prevent mechanism was the last remaining safety in the system. The lawsuits will show that BP knew it was leaking. A leaking valve is a failing valve. The cementing process was done by Transocean, and that caused the blowout. The government can be blamed for not doing the proper studies, from not learning from other blowouts, and the oil companies from trying to hide the truth. Plenty of blame to go around.

  15. people , people, you cannot see the big picture here, this is about a crisis being turned into another slew of stupid enviromnetalists rules , fees, laws and tighter control around the neck of every American. If we drill on land and the same thing happens it is sealed in hours, Dah !!!!
    But the greenies and enviromental nuts don'rt want us to drill on land , they lose control then , because it is totaly safe. Follow the money, in there lyes the problem , always follow the money. This was no accident, this was well planned my friends, don't kid yourself.

  16. Palins arguments are valid. Young is just wrong,and Rush is just stating political fact. The point is instead of pointing fingers ,both sides should be looking to minimize this spill without all the hoopla. As long as we drill for oil there will be accidents. So if you are going to drill, drill where it is safer ( on land ).

  17. This whole thing could have been avoided had BP been more careful. Also, their "relief" plan is ridiculous. Pumping mud into water? What kind of a dumb-butt thinks of that? For one WATER MOVES. For two, MUD IS WATER SOLUBLE- duh! Also, pumping golf balls, and other rubbish into the pipe? Seriously? Get yourselves down there (BP I mean), and plug the stupid hole! For one thing, if you're going to cut the pipe, don't be an idiot. Diamond tipped saws, water pressure, sure, why not? STUPIDITY!!!! If you're going to plug the **** hole, put something very heavy, yet flexible in it. Like a thick rubber tube with a lid at the end.

  18. Other than the executives rather plaintive crying all those statements are fair and accurate. There is no rational reason that we should have to go to such dangerous lengths to acquire our own resources that are at our fingertips. Like it or not we currently need that oil to function, and such needlessly dangerous hand tying to get it makes situations like this more prevalent. Drill where the oil is so that it can be done efficient and effective, so we minimalize our impact.

  19. So Does Sarah know what happens when you have a blow out in an Ice cap, or under ground water supply in Alaska? I'd bet it would be a mess, but hey she could quit and go fishing! As far as Young and, Haley Barbor said about the same thing, Did they loose thier minds after they got elected? Cause they dont have sense to pour oil out of a boot. I want to hear ALL of thier Ideas on how to fix it not who to blame. We can Blame Later.

  20. Caesar Augustus

    Cockroaches, all of these 10 clowns. They are to America's best interests what termites are to wood.

  21. The truth is that everyone uses oil bases products until you do shut up. Palin was right that it is safer to drill closer in and this would not have happen if the insoectors had done thier job. The Obama regulators just gave this rig a saftey award. Look at other oil companies they or doing it safely, we need more American oil companies to drill then they would care because they live here. It is about the money for companies outside the US most of the shareholders are from other countries.

    1. Jesse,
      Where do you get this award crap. They have been cited for over 700 safety failures in the last 3-4 years. But you are right that folks who do the regulating were asleep or in collusion.

  22. I have a question. If the oil in the gulf is the fault of the environmentalists who insisted that B P drill offshore, does that mean that the "Titanic" sank because all the passengers insisted that they wanted to get to America?

    1. good analogy. also, the idea that 'if they got to drill in ANWR or closer onshore, they "wouldn't have had to take such risks" in deeper water' is absurd. of course, it is more expensive to drill farther offshore (safely)…

      1. Tell me something, what would be safer? Drilling in a few hundred feet of water where any problem could be swiftly and easily dealt with, or a few miles away where to even get to the floor of the ocean you have to lay a few miles of pipe just to hit bottom? You all seem to hate big oil but you sure whore yourselves to their products.

    2. If the environmentalists had not made it impossible to drill in the safety of shallow water where the oil is significantly easier to obtain, any incident would have been dealt with swiftly and far easier than this debacle.

  23. Sarah Palin is a Quitter, Rush Limbaugh is a drug addict, nothing either of them says means anything to me. At least Crybaby Beck is keeping his mouth shut

  24. GOP wants that big oil money for 2012, you bet their gonna kiss serious oil butt, Shows exactly were their minds are, And its not for a better America, their views and actions are entirely selfish, Esp Sarah the witch Palin, Down with the GOP period,

    1. You are a bit mixed up Don, its OBUMMA that gets the big oil money not the GOP !!!!! and SARAH PALIN is a smart lady, with more brains and common sense in her little finger then you and your PROGESSIVE jerks have in your whole body's, including DUMMBO the moron thats trying to destroy our country……

    2. as opposed to the billions poured into the Obama election from the "green" manufacturers and producers of "green" products.

  25. Reposting the best comment on this story on Yahoo Buzz:

    "here is the real truth people – there are 2 choices – you either support big government or you support big business. That's it; no other options.

    The problem with big business is they will purely go after the $$ so they will destroy the environment and not worry about clean ups because they cost money not make money.

    the problem with big government is they rely on the $$ from big business..but at least they have to get re-elected.

    so we are pretty much screwed either way."

    1. Incorrect. The notion that "big business" does nothing but destroy everything in the pursuit of profit is childish and grossly uninformed. A business's profit is not enhanced by destroying its source of profit. Statements to the contrary are mearly the attempts by anti-capitalists to push their agendas.

    2. The last Republican admistration we had, produced the largest governmen in history. And still managed to hand the hen house key to the coyotes of big business.

      You are right about the two choices but regulation needn't be mislabled as big government, it's not. Regulation does protect the rights and property of "WE The PEOPLE".

      Imagine a football game without rules or a referee….That's regulation…

    1. @ davidryal
      Specific example of Greg? He's an idiot trying to sound intelligent. Obviously does not know how to use business memo bullets.

    1. Do some fact checking first, it was the modification of the BOP that caused the problem. This happened after the installation. Crazy engineers always seem to think that they can get a machine tool piece of equipment to do something that it was not designed to do.

  26. Did Sara say safe drilling areas like Alaska sure but no one listens. just run down everyone who has a great idea, And Rush is a political satyirist or something that makes MILLIONS making jokes about the liberals that want to give away everything we have worked for. how about getting the 10 percent of people that are out of work and put them on the coast cleaning up. or better 13 million illegals

  27. I once read that people over a thousand years ago were more intelligent that those of the modern era and today. Finally, I believe it is true.

  28. I am utterly speechless! 'This is not a disaster?' 'It's the environmentalists fault?' 'It's natural?'
    Someone please tell me what parallel universe these loonies just dropped in from!
    The sheer STUPIDITY of these remarks is totally mind boggling!
    God help us, and the entire planet, if Sarah Palin and her group of environmental rapists manage to gain control of congress, or, even worse, the White House!
    And then for republican supported media parrots like Rusty Lamebrain to just repeat these ludicrous statements, without any real thought, just compounds the problem.
    I believe it was Albert Einstein who said: "The only two infinite things in the universe are time, and human stupidity, and I'm not so sure about time!"
    Statements like those posted in the article support that theory fully!

    1. I agree totally. This is a prime example of what happens when you leave the government and therefor the country in the care of the Republicans. The Bush/Cheney regime cared little for the ramifications of their actions. Their primary concern was for their own and their buddies ever bulging pocketbooks. We need to wake up and understand, if we continue to elect Republicans who call for more and deregulation and less and less government involvement in business we will continue to destroy the only planet we have.

      1. the involvement of the government in everyones business is what is wrong with this country.If the dems get elected ? again this country as we know it is down the tubes. We will all be living off the government because ther will not be any small business left. Stupid liberals get your head out of the sand. Where do you think our jobs come from? Big and liitle business.

        1. Yeah "we don't need Big Government."WE don't need Financial corporations being monitored they can watch themselves.So what if we have people like Madoff making Billions off people.We don't need products coming into the country inspected.So what if we get lead pain,poison toothpaste dog food and fake medicines.We don't need to stop oil companies from drilling offshore we can be "more independent ".We don't need to focus on solar or other enviromentally friendly energy options! Right D Peters Go watch some more Fox "News"you fkin moron!

    2. I agree Mastershrain! Stupid people voted for George Bush Twice and claim Reagan who got the ball rolling on the problems we have now but still praise him to this day.Stupidity runs deep in the U.S. or FOX "News" would have no viewers and Palin would have no audience.

  29. Don Davenport

    I'm sure it's all been said by now, so I'll reserve my deepest thoughts only for myself. I am simply, and very deeply sorry for this event, knowing that what has happened to this day is only the very tip of the iceburg. I am a sixty three year old life long Florida resident from Pasco County (coastal county), and have spent some of my most memorable times on our west coast with my family, especially my Dad and my Brother. I had hoped to spend time there with my grandchildren, but that doesn't seem to be in the future.

    1. Why doesn't seem to be in the future for you and your grandchildern ??????If the king OB did his job, it would have be done in a short time, but he has been too busy with his party's at the WH, to think about the spill…..

      1. he's been doing quite a bit… you want him to take over BP & the whole operation so you can say that he is trying to take over the world? or do you think big business can/should clean up its own mess, sense it cares so much for the American people?

  30. I don't see anything wrong with Palin's comments. That actually make sense to me. Most Americans use oil or use something that uses oil, so if we're going to drill for it let's drill in safer places. Not the ocean. That's what Palin means. Don Young's comment should be #1 in stupidity-many environmental disasters ARE "natural phenomena," e.g. hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. He even manages as a 2nd layer of stupidity by saying the oil spill is natural-it's obviously been encouraged by man-made equipment and activity. The next most inane comments have to be Rush Limbaugh's. He minimizes the impact of this oil to whine about the left attacking the right (#7). I'm a conservative and am embarrassed by his comment!

    1. the only problem I have with Palin's comment is that it tries to rewrite history to claim that she was comparing the safety of drilling in ANWR to the safety of drilling in the Gulf BEFORE the accident, which is patently untrue. "Drill Baby Drill" was never accompanied by anything other than "ALL modern oil drilling is safe" — otherwise, I agree with you completely. 🙂

      1. ditto. she acts as if she was opposed to offshore drilling when she was for it and "extreme greenies" were as against it as they are against drilling in ANWR

    2. Course it makes sense you teabagger nitwit, cause your a sheep following your master, you'd be lost without direction, bet your mommy still tucks you in bed at night, what are you 40 now? ya loser

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