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More Jobs Created Focusing on Public Transit than New Roads, Another Study Finds

new road construction

We’ve covered a number of studies over the years showing that investment in bikes and public transit is better for the economy than investment in roads. Another one, created by Smart Growth America (SGA), recently came out showing that stimulus dollars spent on public transit went a lot further than stimulus dollars spent on new roads.

The projects that received the least amount of money (public transportation projects) were the frontrunning job creators. Historically they created 31 percent more jobs per dollar than building new roads, but during the last two years, the stimulus dollars spent on public transportation project generated 70 percent more jobs than road creation,” Andrea Newell of our sister site EcoLocalizer reports.

“Repair projects create 16 percent more jobs per dollar than new road construction. The projects spend less on land, more on wages, employ more different types of workers, and are bogged down less with plans and permits.”

Read more on this story here: Stimulus Funds Best Spent on Public Transportation and Repairing Infrastructure – Not Building New Roads

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  1. Joe Snow

    Thats all fine & good, & I`m all for it. But we can`t let our infrastructure erode, especially not until we have connecting transportation, public safety is at risk with degrading roads & bridges.

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