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Published on June 11th, 2013 | by James Ayre


700-Pound Snake — Giant Snake Found In North Carolina, Facts And Photos

Was a giant 700-pound snake recently killed in Proctor, North Carolina? Two photographs showing what appear to be absolutely enormous snakes are currently going viral — both images feature captions stating that the snakes in question are: over 700 lbs, 98 feet long, man-killers, found in North Carolina, found in Indonesia, etc. Are any of these things true?

Giant 700 pound snake

In the article below I’ll go over the facts with regards to these photos, and also provide some general information on snakes — including providing information on the maximum sizes that snakes can reach.

With regards to the image posted above, the caption that generally accompanies it states that the snake in question was found in a lake in Proctor, North Carolina, before being killed and pulled from there by an excavation machine. The snake is generally described as being somewhere around 46 to 98 feet long. There are some clear issues with those numbers though — there are no snake species (currently in the world) that grow to anywhere near those lengths, and perhaps more importantly, the snake in the photo is much closer to the camera than any of the other objects in the photo are, thus giving an exaggerated sense of size.

It is clear though that even with exaggeration, that is a very large snake. Something to note — the largest snake specimen ever reported (reputably) was a 32-foot-long reticulated python (Python reticulatus) that was caught in Indonesia in the early 1900s. It is likely possible that they could grow larger, but those would be truly exceptional individuals, and even then they wouldn’t approach the sizes that the above snake is described as being.

The viral photos appear to have originated as part of an Indonesian news article published in late 2012. That article stated that the python was discovered in Indonesia, in the Bangka Belitung Islands province, before being killed and buried.


The species in question — the reticulated python — generally “only” grow to sizes of around 20 or so feet, though larger individuals are certainly known to exist. But it is unlikely that even very exceptional individuals could grow to sizes of over 3-4 times what is considered to be normal in the species. With regards to the recent photos — my guess is that those snakes were probably somewhere around 25-30 feet long.

As a side note — the largest snake species to ever exist on the Earth (as far as we know currently), was the titanoboa, which lived somewhere around 58-60 million years ago. Titanoboa cerrejonensis is estimated to have regularly reached sizes of 40-50 feet in length, and 2000-2500 lbs. It’s thought that the warmer climate at the time may have been part of what allowed the species to reach such gigantic sizes. The species arose shortly after the End-Cretaceous extinction event though, so the loss of large dinosaur may have had something to do with it as well.

And as a second side note — while it isn’t a snake, there is an animal that looks a good deal like one, one that grows to lengths like those described in the viral photos — the giant oarfish can grow to lengths of over 50 feet long. The strange and beautiful animal is the likely origin of sea serpent legends.

And now, in closing, some facts about the reticulated python:

- They are no venomous constrictors — they kill via constrictions .

- They are very good swimmers, and have established populations on many relatively remote islands within their range. Fishermen often report seeing them very far from land, and apparently completely at ease in the ocean.

- Until relatively recently the snake was much more common, but their numbers have been falling in recent years.

- They are primarily ambush hunters.

- Attacks on humans are rare, but they do occur.

- “In 1932, Frank Buck wrote about a teenage boy who was eaten by a pet 25-foot-long reticulated python in the Philippines. According to Buck, the python escaped, and when it was found, a human child’s shape was recognized inside the snake. It turned out to be the son of the snake’s owner.” (Story via Wikipedia)

Image Credits: Screen Capture/Video

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  • angel

    look at the loader the cab on the left is about 15ft tall, look at the snake, thats a damn big snake more than 50 or 60 ft.

  • Brenda Borden

    The snakes are definitely different. Why couldn’t a snake this large be found in the United States/North Carolina. We’ve had gigantic bears and other animals found here. Maybe they say its fake so people will still go to the lake. Takes more than what was said to convince me.

  • g-mail

    if i had a snake that big i would be a good owner but careful. i love snakes and i know about every snake,but this is a mystery and a miracle.bye-bye rodents.YES!

  • Mrminty989

    A similar thing is happening in australia what brave hearts proposing to be done with snakes….I’m sure you’ve all heard about w.a’s shark cull? Most west Aussies are angry at our government because we are killing innocent sharks. Surfers take the risk of surfing every day they venture into the sharks domain. Look….Rodney fox nearly died by getting bitten by a great white and he has a huge scar to prove it but! He himself said and I quote. They are majestic creatures and we don’t have the right to kill them just because I was attacked after all I was in his territory. The same goes for snakes……end of story dude

  • Mrminty989

    I can tell brave hearts been watching anaconda far too many times but man if there was a 40 or 50 foot snake I’m sure the nsa and CIA would have already makde clones and dropped them into Muslim countries to do the dirty work

  • Mrminty989

    It’s 2014 and most of the worlds trees are gone….if there was 50 foot snakes we’d all have seen them on the afternoon news or on the front page of news papers 3 decades ago….let’s not be foolish. And brave heart your a cock smoker I mean come on dude there’s more chance of bieng killed by bees than any snake shit I steped on one 1 never got bit why? Cos I was wearing the proper gear for the out doors. The kiwis and Aussies call them Wellington boots. Ps constrictors are slow on the land I saw a huge python at the australia zoo

  • Metal Madman

    2nd pic is an optical illusion. Its hanging from a tree branch close to the camera. Same as the 1st one (although not sure what its on. Perspective can force your mind to see things differently.

    • tim

      Nah, I think the second pick, it’s hanging on the shovel scoop, and the scoop is only about five feet max long. In that case, the second snake looks about 17 feet long at most.

  • Ray

    This is why everyone should have an M1A with extra 20 round clips.

  • E.H

    hey nick!….. put the crack pipe down and back away slowwwwly! lol

  • leah

    that’s the Anaconda!!!

  • rik

    Photoshop !!

  • kew

    I really dont get why they have to kill it.
    What do they get out of it?
    Let it live and get even bigger!
    Amazing animal, and really sad those dumb fuck wood workers dont care about nature and just money. Next time i see a big wood worker i’ll treat him as “good” as they treated this magnificent creature!
    The snake will only attack as a final choise.
    It will try to escape, and if u “human” dont let this happen, it will fight for survivel.
    What whould u do if u where trapped into a corner?
    I would fight for my life.
    Leave nature alone, look at it, feel it and enjoy it. As long as we got it!

  • paenacant

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  • Me

    There are large snakes throughout the ozarks they live n caves during the winter some only reachable from underwater because of man made lakes the large ones are much more resistant to cold it is very hard to come in contact with them because they watch you you don’t watch them and this might be hard for most to swallow but they are for more intelligent than we are to see one is considered a sacred thing amongst many Native American cultures and not to be shared with anyone you consider yourself blessed that the serpent let you see him or her catch one unawares and you will be greeted with a spectacle you will never ever forget!!!

  • Victoria


  • jackdaniels2

    What does it eat for dinner? a fully grown man?

  • Braveheart

    Snakes that have the potential to grow to such monstrous lengths should be hunted and killed.Florida has begun to destroy them after finding a few that we’re over 20 feet long and that’s big enough to kill and eat a pre teen child.They’re reproducing at alarming rates and are slithering into residential areas.people come first, end of story.

    • lhw

      The possibility that large pythons may come into contact with humans in Florida is only of minor concern to the Florida legislature. The main reason Florida wants them gone is because they are a non native invasive species. They have no natural predators in FL and are eating native species which is messing up the Florida ecosystem. All snakes, small and giant, when found in they’re proper environments play important ecological roles just as every animal does and some species when not in they’re intended environment still function as wonderful and engaging pets to people who know how to understand and care for them. You say that anyone with a gun can fend of a bear or a tiger. One can do the same thing with a snake if you shoot it in the right place with the right gun, just like you would have to do with a tiger or a bear. With a snake at least you can cut off it’s head with a machete. You call others callous and unmerciful for saying that it would take millions of human deaths for them to recognize a problem. No it would take millions upon millions of deaths to prove that snakes are the most lethal predator as you emphatically stated earlier, because only humans have that distinction. I regret any time humans and wildlife come into conflict, but I call you callous and unmerciful for wanting to spread fear, hatred, and persecution of an animal that’s merely trying to survive in a world with shrinking wild places rather than promoting the care, understanding, and love that it takes for humans to make an impact and coexist peacefully with wildlife and spreading such hatred and fear does not do justice or honor to the few people who have been harmed or killed by large snakes. Snakes don’t wake up in the morning and say, “hmm, I think I’ll go try to kill every human I can possibly find, in fact I’ll even go out of my way to leave the habitat where I belong just to find as many humans to kill as possible” They’re just trying to make it one more day, maybe get something to eat if they can find it, and try not be eaten or killed by some human who stumbles across it and out of fear/hate his/her first reaction is to kill it. No species, whether a cute fuzzy rabbit, a majestic tiger, or a slithering snake deserves to be hunted down and utterly wiped off the face of the earth because they all have roles to play in the world and were put here for a reason. You really need to do educate yourself before you start trying to pass your irrational fears off on others and abusing/name calling people, who refuse to buy into your hysteria.

      • Braveheart

        I’m trying to spread fear?Take a good look at the disgusting creatures in the photos above and tell me if a human stands a chance in hell if it’s ambushed by a snake that massive in the wild? I stand by what I said and I’m sure there’s thousands of people in many countries that agree with me.Why is it that people protest the killing of massive snakes by claiming they don’t pose a threat to humans, but yet they get rid of thier pet pythons once they’ve reach a certain size? I mean, you’ve raised the snake, feed and pretty much “domesticated” it, so why get rid of it once it begins to get large?

        • lhw

          Considering humans aren’t incredibly fast or strong, they don’t stand much of a chance if they were to be ambushed by any of the worlds great predators. The truth, however, is that humans are far more likely to die from hundreds of other factors rather than from a dangerous animal. Despite the fact that you claim people get eaten frequently by giant snakes, in truth there are exceedingly few documented, confirmed, instances of snakes actually swallowing a human being, none actually come to my mind at present, which of course is not to say that there haven’t been documented instances where a snake did constrict a human being to death, they simply do not seek out human beings as a prey item, just like most predators. Since they’re ambush predators (as you’re so fond of pointing out as if there is something wrong with that) they wait until something comes by them. Most predators are ambush predators, that’s how they’re designed to hunt, but they don’t go way out of their habitat to hunt down humans. Dangerous encounters happen when someone either goes into their habitat and is not careful, when human settlement encroaches into wild places, or because some fool who thought it would be cool to have one but did not bother to research the animal and how dangerous it could be gets one and ends up attacked by it. That’s why people let them go in Florida, because they bought it on impulse without taking the common sense to research a pet before you buy it, and when it got too big or scary for them to handle by themselves they let it go instead of handing it over to authorities. Yes you do spread fear. You want everyone everywhere to be afraid of and hate these unique animals WHO POSE NOWHERE NEAR AS BIG A THREAT TO HUMANS AS HUMANS POSE TO THEM so they will needlessly hunt them down and wipe them out. These animals are WAY more likely to be killed by humans than they are to kill a human. Regardless of species whether shark, snake, tiger, lion, bear, potentially dangerous animals account for very very small portion of human injury or death. If you actually want to do a favor to mankind, you would do better to help raise awareness for the dangers that humans pose to each other rather than trying to encourage them to wipe out another species which would cause humans to venture into their habitat, which only further puts humans at risk of being injured by wildlife.

          • Braveheart

            In other words, I’m I said before, humans have a chance to survive an attack by any other predator (including humans) as long as they have a weapon, but there’s no chance against a massive snake, none.Any and every species of snake that can grow to the length of the snakes in those pictures should be hunted to the brink of extinction, with the remainder of them living only in zoos across the world.

          • Tim

            If a narrow minded person like you bigot like you kills a snake, he or she is hailed as a hero, but fear-mongering like this happens. A snake is a part of our planet, and so far, most snakes seem like they deserve to live more than people who sit at home and propose the extinction of species. Snakes are valuable, and a snake with size is far more vulnerable than a bigot with a gun.

        • EatU

          Your pretty narrow minded Braveheart…… you are calling large snakes disgusting creatures? what do you expect the snake to do? sit there and not eat anything? it’s life… it will eat what it needs to eat. end of.
          if your in the wrong place at the wrong time, then
          theres nothing you can do about it. and that goes to any animal. Humans are the most dangerous… does that mean we should all die? stupid

          if someones pet snake has eaten there child, then they shouldnt have a pet snake, your responsible for looking after it. here in the UK, you can go to prison for years if your pet dog kills or injures someone.

          I think it’s awesome how we can have such large animals. id be sad to see them go all because of narrow minded people like you.

          they should all be protected from fools like yourself.

          Hopefully one will come along and eat you haha

          • Braveheart

            I’m sorry, what was the largest snake ever found in the u.k? Exactly!!!

          • lhw

            Exactly what? What does that prove?

          • bob

            you can import snakes you dip shit

          • hater

            so you’re saying snakes should be treated equal. You’re saying it’s ok for a snake to kill a man because of its nature. so then why isn’t it ok for a man to hunt a kill a snake? survival… nature… defense… fuck you! kill them all

          • Tim

            There was recently a massive python hunt in Florida, aimed at reducing the population of invasive burmese pythons. I believe what we are trying to say is that just because a python kills a human, we should not kill off that species. That python has killed a human, people have a right to kill it, at least to remove the remains. Snakes like that do far less harm than people do.

          • Northerngirl

            EatU, I agree with you! All snakes should die. If anyone have a problem about my opinion, then so be it! For all of you reptile lovers, be careful of what you call to be a pet! Snakes slitter and strike when you least expected. **WARNING! WARNING! WARNING!***

        • Jaded28

          By your wisdom we should kill all the disgusting creatures that carry guns as well. They are responsible for more deaths than snakes… all snakes… combined.

          I think your just terrified of snakes and want them dead so you don’t have to be scared anymore.
          What’s the matter you afraid one of them is going to offer you and apple and you won’t be able to resist?

          Human’s are the most dangerous species ever. We kill more of ourselves, and more other species than any and all other species combined. And we do it just cause we feel like it. Or because we need one more mall. 90% of animals attacks are because they are seeking food that used to be plentiful in their natural habitat but now there’s a Gap there so they must hunt somewhere else.
          Name one other species that would be sad to see us gone? Thinking, thinking… Nope not one of them. Wait! Vampires. Vampires would be sad to see us go. Oh crap! No vampires.
          Hey ponder this. Maybe snake species are growing so large due to the unnatural foods they are eating. GMO’s make veggies grow bigger and stronger, then animals eat the veggies, and then snakes eat the animals, hence jumbo snake to go with those jumbo carrots.
          I now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast. Sponsored by Monsanto.

    • Russ Hamilton

      The snakes in Florida need to be killed because they are an invasive species NOT because they present a threat.

  • Braveheart

    It requires a group of men to capture something that big alive or to stop it from killing one man.You can defend yourself from a bear or tiger attack by yourself as long as you have a gun, but you don’t stand a chance against a snake that enormous slithering around you.

    • Tim

      Black bears alone have killed 61 people in the U.S since 1900. That is roughly twice the death rate of conrstrictors in the U.S. It has been documented numerous times that an experienced person can capture a snake that big, unarmed. Tell me, have you ever heard of an unarmed human capturing a Grizzly bear, a tiger, or even a black bear alive?

  • Braveheart

    Snakes shouldn’t exists, they’re the most lethal predators on earth when they reach 25 feet and larger.

    • Aaron

      When has anyone been ambushed by a python in the wild? These things don’t leap out at you from behind a bush.

      The most lethal predators on earth are humans. People come across these, clearly, two remarkable animals and the only thing they can think of is to kill them.

      • Braveheart

        That’s exactly how massive snakes attack.snakes that enormous have been found with human remains in their stomachs many times before and lord knows how many people in those areas have disappear because of those ambushing predators.Don’t believe a word I say,just look up what happened last year in Borneo and see for yourself.Huge snakes have been eating people in the wild for thousands of years.
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        —– Reply message —–

        • Aaron

          Australia has 9 out of 10 of the world’s most venomous snakes and we’re the only country in the world where venous snakes outnumber harmless ones: 120 of our 170.

          Since 1980 we’ve had 40 deaths from snake bite, a little over one per year.

          According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, last year 2 died from hot tap water, 31 people died falling from a ladder, 10 people choked on their own vomit, 1,291 died from car accidents.

          In the United States in 2010, 31,328 died from guns.

          Yeah, snakes are such a huge threat to mankind we need to kill them all!

          • Braveheart

            Venomous snakes are no longer a huge danger to mankind thanks to anti venom, but that’s not what I’m talking about.I’m talking about enormous snakes that will ambush, crush and swallow you whole in the wild, never to be seen time read someone’s post properly before you make a fool of yourself.

          • Aaron

            Nothing is a red light for someone losing an argument than them starting to get abusive.

            I grew up with a 4 metre long diamond python in my front yard and managed to survive despite it constantly leaping out of bushes at me.

            Can you tell me how many people per year are ‘ambushed’ by constrictor snakes globally. 20,000 children die of starvation each day. It surely must be more than that! Some actual figures to back up your hysteria might be useful. More useful than being abusive anyway.

            Since 1978, 17 people have died in North America. Whew! All of these were people who kept them as pets.

            In 2002 – ie in one year – in the US, people also died from the following causes.

            Falling over furniture: 785
            Falling down stairs: 1,598
            Falling off of ladder: 406
            Drowning in bathtub: 352
            Drowning in swimming pool: 636
            Choking on food: 819
            Bee, hornet, wasp sting: 54
            Struck by lightning: 66
            Accidental poisoning: 17,550

            When oh when are legislators going to WAKE UP and do something about lightening and bees!

            May the lord spare us.

          • Aaron

            Actually let me know from the USGS, one of the the United State’s peak scientific bodies. They did a report on the dangers posed to humans by constrictor snakes. In any interview on the report, the authors stated:

            “None of these snakes pose more than minimal risk to human safety. Human fatalities from non-venomous snakes in the wild are very rare, probably only a few per year worldwide. However, though attacks on people are improbable, they are remotely possible given the large size that some individual snakes can reach. The reticulated python is the world’s longest snake (adult females may exceed 26 feet); the green anaconda is the world’s heaviest snake (upwards of 250 pounds). The snake most associated with unprovoked human fatalities in the wild is the reticulated python, though unprovoked fatalities are known for Burmese and both African pythons as well. Known fatalities caused by these snakes in the wild, though rare, have occurred in the snakes’ native ranges.

            Although the green anaconda is the heaviest snake, there are no well-documented unprovoked fatal attacks by green anacondas on humans. Furthermore, it is not a widely held pet, and it prefers tropical bodies of fresh water that are relatively uncommon in the United States. On the other hand, some of the smaller species (e.g., yellow anacondas) that are extremely unlikely to attack humans are more likely to find suitable habitat in the United States; therefore, yellow anacondas constituted a higher ecological risk.
            All known fatalities in the United States are from captive snakes, typically while a snake owner is consciously interacting with the animal in some way. The simplest and surest way to reduce the remote risk of human fatalities is to avoid interacting with a giant constrictor. Overall, the risk of attack is miniscule, but because many suburban areas, backyards, and similar areas in Florida include ponds, canals, or other bodies of water where giant snakes would likely feel at home, the situation is similar to that experienced with alligators: attacks are highly improbable but possible in any locality where the animals are present.”

            Of course I’m happy to defer to your expert opinion on the matter. In the meantime I’ve got to go padlock the garage. We’ve got three loose extension ladders in there!

          • Aaron

            If you’d like to educate yourself on the matter you can download the full report here:


          • Braveheart

            Do you enjoy talking Apple’s and oranges? Where did I state that massive snakes have killed more people than ACCIDENTS?There have been documented case where massive pythons have ambushed humans in the wild and made meals out of them.The security guard that was found in the belly of one of those lethal predators in borneo, had nothing but his underwear on, which lead scientist to believe that the poor guy was just taking a dip before his horrifying death.The real sad part of the story is that they weren’t even looking for him when they killed the predator, they were looking for a ranger that had also gone missing.I wonder what happened to that ranger? You can say what ever you want,but there’s a reason why Florida is paying people to kill those disgusting creatures.

          • Aaron

            Err, the quote above is specifically about constrictors. How is that apples and oranges? They also said “However, though attacks on people are improbable, they are *remotely* possible.” Yeah, some dude died in Borneo. There are 6 billion people on earth. That’s hardly a major threat to humanity.

            You clearly state you said “Snakes shouldn’t exists, they’re the most lethal predators on earth”.

            No, they’re not. They’re not even close. Stupid people are far more dangerous than snakes. My advice would be, educate yourself and reduce the risk of self-harm.

          • Braveheart

            That’s exactly the advice I would give you.There’s 6 billion people on earth? Who cares about one guy, right? You’re the type of person that needs to see millions of cases of monstrous snakes eating people before you see a problem.Comparing the nunber of people that die ACCIDENTALLY to the few times humans have been able to kill a monstrous snake before it completely digests it’s human prey is Apple’s and oranges.I’m glad the state of florida is on my side on this issue.BTW,did you hear about a toddler being strangled to death while he slept in his crib, by a pet python no longer than 8ft long? I bet you would feel differently if that one guy was your brother or if the child we’re your son.I will continue to kill every python I see without mercy.

          • A Real Libertarian

            Yes we would need to see millions or at least thousands of deaths before we call big snakes the most lethal predators on earth.

          • Braveheart

            The number of people they’ve killed doesn’t make them the most lethal,it’s the way they kill.

          • A Real Libertarian

            “The number of people they’ve killed doesn’t make them the most lethal,it’s the way they kill.”

            HA HA HA, is that so Chickenheart?

          • Braveheart

            What’s with the laughter? Oh I get it, you would most certainly survive an ambush by a python that massive, right? Lmao!!!

          • A Real Libertarian

            Yes I would have a good chance of surviving, at least compared to a hippo attack.

          • Tim

            I would say a couple of rare deaths by constrictors is not grounds for a snake genocide, and not really that much of a problem. The impact of invasive snakes on the environment is far more worrisome. You want to save lives from something that doesn’t kill that much anyway? Go smash some local vending machines. They kill 13 people a year in the U.S, about 26 times more than constrictors. God save us from the evil vending machines.

          • Tim

            Venomous snakes are more of a threat to humans than constrictors. About twice as deadly in the civilized countries that have the antivenin that you were talking about. How does the mode of death make a snake more dangerous, despite how many people it kills?

      • Northerngirl

        Sorry Aaron! But you can not train nor teach a snake tricks! You will be the trick! Yes, all snake must die!!

  • tiger

    oh ya,and the 1/4 mile diameter thing is bullshit and inara,speak english or go back to your sandbox.

  • tiger

    Snakes are subject to whats called indeterminate growth.That means that snakes grow for as long as they live.Depending on the age of the animal,this would be entirely possible.

  • diana

    this is unbelievable.i wonder how i would react if i saw this thing in front of me. may God protect me

    • bob

      i dont believe it is actually 98 feet long but that definitely not 30 ft. id say 40 or 50 feet maybe. it would fuckin suck to find that and not have anything for self defense

      • Tim

        When you look at the size of the scoop in the second picture, when compared to the snake, the snake actually looks only about ten feet long. It looks like they are holding the snake much closer to the camera then they are. For the first picture we have no frame of reference.





  • Dell Evenz

    I doubt this story…why wouldn’t they have zoologists and other scientist come and document this “historic” find?

    • Eric

      Might not be too historic. Their is a 25 foot snake being held in captivity at a haunted house in Kansas. 25 ft isnt groundbreaking.

  • larry shelton

    There is still parts of the world that haven’t been. Explored who is it to say there isn’t snakes that large or larger

  • Graham

    I doubt snakes that big manage through the freezing winters of north carolina: could be wrong, but we were depending on a decent frost to kill a lot of the invasive large snakes here in the everglades… didn’t seem to work too well but the proposition that freezing weather and big snakes don’t go together seems pretty sound.

    • Tarheel

      North Carolina winters are usually not as cold as you seem to be thinking. The mountains get pretty cold and get snow. East of Charlotte and South of Raleigh doesn’t really have the bitter cold winters. Once in a while there’s snow, but not usually more than one or two inches and that doesn’t happen every year. We do have some nights in February and March that the temperature drops below freezing. Two weeks ago myneighbor killed a 5ft rattle snake in his front yard. The snake was a little wider than the width of a soda can.

      • Northerner

        We get 25 below F. in the winter and have lots of snakes including rattlers. Why do you think they can’t live through winter? That’s just wrong. I grew up in a place where 40 below was normal for a few months in winter and we had lots of snakes there too.

        • wowilovelife

          the reason he thinks they couldn’t survive through winter is because snakes are cold blooded animals meaning that if its below 25 fahrenheit then the body temperature of the snake would be below 25 degrees which makes it is very unlikely that they could survive in that kind of weather
          of course if they can find a warmer place to sleep through the winter they could live

  • Yullabelle

    Well, the snake in the first photo (North Carolina?) is obviously still very much alive, so even if the story is real, they apparently didn’t kill it before removing it from the pond/lake. The snake in the second photo (Indonesia) is the one that is already killed.

    • phil

      The snake was said to have been injured and put out of its misery during an excavation

  • Nick

    I dont understand why you think a snake couldnt get this big. Iv seen the great snake fall from the sky and put a hole in the ground 1/4 mile wide and still lived..

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      Where and when?

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