Koalas (10 Friday Photos +7 Extra)

For this week’s 10 Friday Photos post, we decided to go with adorably cute koalas. These photos below are both extremely adorable and hilarious, in my humble opinion.

Enjoy, and let us know if you have any requests for future posts in the comments below. Also, as always, feels free to share links to more koala pics.

Again, it was too difficult to keep this to 10 photos — we’ve got 7 extra photos for you this week.

Mommy! Mommy!… Yes, I’m Right Here

Photo Credit: kumachii via flickr

Baby Albino Koala — looks like a teddy bear

Photo Credit: Ethan Hein via flickr

Another Albino Koala

Photo Credit: Bill Kuffrey via flickr

Baby Koala — spiky hair day?

Photo Credit: tung_airways via flickr

Koala Family

Photo Credit: The Brit_2 via flickr

Sleeping Koala

Photo Credit: rhoadeecha via flickr

Mother and Child

Photo Credit: jimbowen0306 via flickr

Koala Watching Someone

Photo Credit: The Brit_2 via flickr

Tired Koala

Photo Credit: iansand via flickr

Baby Koala and Mama

Photo Credit: Yvonne in Willowick Ohio via flickr

One of Those Days

Photo Credit: Small via flickr

Scratching & Sunbathing Koalas

Photo Credit: mortenjohs via flickr

Yawning Koala

Photo Credit: wazuluwazu via flickr

Very Tired Koala

Photo Credit: Erik K Veland via flickr

Very Cozy Koala

Photo Credit: OctopusHat via flickr

Hope you liked this week’s 10 Friday Photos post! Have a favorite from the photos above? Feel free to share in the comments. Mine is the sleeping baby albino one.

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Top Photo Credit: whisperingwolf1 via flickr

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