The Conversation That my Brother-in-law's "Reagan Revolution" T-Shirt Provoked

I don’t see my brother-in-law, Bob too often. We disagree on just about every major thing two people could disagree on. However, we love each other and enjoy one another’s company. So even though Bob likes to provoke (much like his hero Glenn Beck) sometimes it’s best to put political/religious/social differences aside and enjoy being together.

Our politcal views should not force us to dislike family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors or strangers. It’s ok to disagree and move on. Look for reasons to love one another. Love is bigger than politics. Love unites. Let’s love more.

Great reads to accompany the two topics of this cartoon

From Freshxpress: The Reagan Con: Noam Chomsky on Reagan’s Distorted Legacy, Wisconsin Protests, & Union Busting
From Grist: How Green Was the Gipper? A look back at Reagan’s environmental record
From Desmogblog (interesting post on the differences of libs and cons): How to Get a Liberal to Question Global Warming
From ConversationalShift: We Need a Conversational Shift–The Present Paradigm
From Me(an Joe green): Fox News Viewers Most Misinformed (again)
From CafePress: The Reagan Revolution T-Shirt (If you buy one be sure to write down your favorite revolution on back for all to see.)

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