rogue planets

'Rogue Planets' May Invalidate the Dark Matter Theory

  Free-floating extrasolar planets, those that are not gravitationally bound to anything, may be present in much larger numbers than originally thought. Thus explaining the ‘missing mass’ of galaxies, and making the dark matter theory unnecessary. These rogue planets orbit the galaxy directly, and in large enough numbers could explain the discrepancy of the gravitational

Space News Round-up: Magnetic Bubbles, Mega Blasts, Missing Mass & Mucho 'Rogue' Planets {VIDEO}

Over the past several weeks, a flurry of intriguing and surprising outer space-related discoveries have been made, ones that warrant a recap for those who may have missed them. I have selected four of the more fascinating ones, plus one related, really cool piece with a video, and they are: 1] Magnetic Bubbles Discovered at the Edge of Our Solar System, 2] Biggest Blast Ever Seen In Our Universe, 3] Aussie Grad Student Finds Missing Mass in Galaxies, 4] ‘Rogue’ Planets, More Plentiful than Stars, May Be Roaming the Galaxy, and 5] (An extra-special space goody:) A Supernova Sonata – Turning Exploding Stars into Music

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