Google’s Climate Change Leader Going to Stanford, to Head New Stanford Energy School

As Director of Climate Change Initiatives for Google over the past three years, Dan Reicher has been an inexhaustible, high-profile symbol of Google’s interest in energy policy: participating in congressional hearings, and speaking at energy policy events. But starting today, he’ll no longer lead the search engine giant’s climate change initiatives, and has jumped ship to head up Stanford’s new $7 million Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance, an interdisciplinary project that will bring together the Stanford Law School and the Graduate School of Business to look at how policy and financing can deliver the future of clean energy infrastructure.

Yep, that’s right, Google #1 climate change guy is on his way to Stanford to deal with the same issues from another angle. Looks like he’s got a lot planned, too. For info on Reicher’s work and political history and his projects and ideas for the future, check out the article on Gigaom the quote above came from: Google’s Climate Change Head to Lead New Stanford Energy School.

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Photo Credit: Steve Rhodes via flickr (CC license)

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